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iStock_000003142472XSmall There’s a magnet on my fridge that says “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

Apparently it’s a swedish proverb.  Wherever it comes from, I wholeheartedly agree.

From the very beginning, we’re pushed to mould and shape ourselves to other people’s expectations.  We’re taught to behave as our parents expect us to.  Then we’re taught to fit into the accepted norm at school.  By the time we come out the other end of childhood, is it any wonder we look to others to tell us whether we’re doing things right or wrong?

But secretly, deep down, we all still love the renegades that declare “to hell with you all” and go their own merry way.

Down here in Australia, Ned Kelly is a national icon.  He was a bushranger.  Robin Hood comes to mind as well.  No doubt there are plenty of other examples.  (I personally think Frank Kern is a bit the same way, but he’s definitely more legal than they were. Right, Frank?)

How do these guys tap into such personal strength that they can stand, alone and proud, against the tide of the world?

I may not own Mass Control yet, but from the info freely available on Frank’s site, it looks to me like he came to a fork in the road.  Conformity, or Rebellion.  He chose the road less travelled, and oh boy, does that seem to have made all the difference.

But circumstances aren’t the whole story.  All of us have those critical points in our lives.  I believe all of us have the same potential to tap.  Why we don’t is a matter of training, self-belief and fear – all things that can be overcome with powerful enough motivation.  Connect deeply enough with ourselves, with who we truly are, and let that power free, and there really is no force out there in the world strong enough to stand against you.  I’ve managed to touch it briefly, once or twice, and literally changed my life each time.  It’s not about chasing money (which is what we’re told we want to chase), it’s about whatever we choose to unleash our own power to accomplish.

My PowerQuest is to find, touch and release that core.  Permanently.  As Marianne Williamson says, I want to let my light shine free and help illuminate the world.

I know that the path to finding it is to follow my joy.  So far, that’s involved using LOA (Law of Attraction), technology, being online, being creative, exploring the raw lifestyle and sharing my journey with you.  The rocks that trip me up are all the fears and past history I haven’t let go of.  Some have made me pause, or even rest for a while, but none of them have convinced me to turn back yet.

After all, I’m a Capricorn.  Us mountain goats don’t give up climbing.

What’s your PowerQuest look like?

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