Yes, Adelaide: Part 6! This is a real saga, isn’t it?

So, from last time. We finally got back on the bus, where we discovered from the girl who’d come up with the takeaway dessert idea that hers had been all but inedible, and moving again once the last couple arrived. It’s always a bit offputting to have that happen, especially when you’ve cut yourself short from all you’ve wanted to do to make it back on time, but que sera sera, I suppose. Next stop after the bus was finally extricated from the small carpark housing numerous buses & a limo was the Angus Park shop, where he was under instructions to bring home some prunes for his parents. It was also on a cut short timetable, so after I had a look, I ended up getting some yoghurt covered berry things. Wasn’t til after I got them open and started eating I realised they didn’t actually have berries under the yoghurt. Oh well. Learning experiences, all, right?

Since the shop was right next to the road, and small enough we were all able to be herded back, we didn’t end up waiting very long for everyone to come back this time, so we were shortly headed off for Gumeracha and a wooden toy store with a giant rocking horse that doesn’t rock. I’m single. Sure I’ve got neices & nephews & know other kids, but a wooden toy store stocked with stuff made in China or similar places wasn’t exactly a priority. Luckily, they also had a wildlife park, which I didn’t go into, but there were a lot of Aussie birds in aviaries around the entry. My other half grabbed usPeacock at the Gumeracha toy factory wildlife park (yes another one) some coffees (this stop was being cut short too, but we didn’t mind that!) while I talked to them. Or they talked to me. Or squawked, as the case may be. There was a peacock standing guard on the gatepost to the wildlife park who ended up wandering over to us at the bus – I was much happier about him than the ducks I was still getting teased about, I can tell you! Civilised birds, those…

The driver knew someone who knew the guy who put up the steel rocking horse, so we got the story of how he’d refused to make it rock. It’s apparently the biggest one anywhere, can stand winds up to 200kph, and (I later discovered) cost $2 to climb. Yeah right, on crutches! Oh yes, and I mustn’t forget the fairly extensive preventative measures they took in case someone was feeling a bit lost… <grin>
Giant Rocking Horse Signposts at Gumeracha for (really) lost people

Last stop on the tour, where we finally caught up with the private charter bus that had been pulling out of all the places we pulled into all day, was Saltram’s winery. It was getting a big grey & dark by this stage, threatening to rain, so we all headed inside where we’d been told we’d see where we were supposed to go. We didn’t. Eventually someone cottoned on to the fact that it was down to the right of the eatery area we’d walked into through the front door, and we wandered over. Glasses were handed out, and one of the ladies started into a talk about their wines (had I mentioned “pruned/not pruned” vines had been pointed out as we went past them all day, along with the difference between machine & hand pruning). I’d noticed a sheet of tasting wines, and had a look through – there were a couple of shiraz entries there that I said I wouldn’t mind trying, but I was told to wait, they were starting with the lighter wines first. I moved back to wait, and wandered around looking, until she got to them. I know what I like, right?

We did, eventually, get to the reds, but neither of us actually appreciated the ones they were serving. My favourite ones from younger vines in Margaret River (love their Verse 1 shiraz) appealed to me much more than these ones from vines over a hundred years old. Great that they are, and we’d heard about their historical value all day, but we headed out of there without getting anything, even though I was hoping to pick up something special for our annivarsary dinner. Then it started raining, so we were glad to get back on the bus and head back to the hotel. Or the bus depot, then the hotel. Amazing how exhausting having someone else drive you around and run herd on you all day can be! No wonder sheep are always sleeping!!!

Of course, once we got back we had to check in again, and grab our luggage. A different girl was on, and she got confused with finding me the bottle of Verdi that the other girl had put aside, but eventually found it. We headed up and discovered we were on the 13th floor – luckily neither of us are that superstitious, but I reckon the girl this morning had done us a favour after enjoying that weis bar because we had a fantastic view out over Northern Terrace – the hotel was right opposite the convention centre. We dragged everything up there, tossed up whether to order delivery, and decided we’d walk up to the asian restaurant in Hindley St (behind us) that had a menu in the room to check it out in person and have a nice sit-in meal. Great decision! They had an entire menu for vegetarians so I was in HEAVEN!!! I decided on a Sambal, which I’d never tried before. It was crowded for most of the meal, but the service was pretty good so I was happy. I was pleasantly stuffed by the time we waddled back down to the hotel to relax – and I even dropped off to sleep while he had the TV going thanks to the walls in this room!…

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