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by Crystal on March 24, 2008

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OK, so now that the 30 days is over, and I’ve had a few weeks of going back to ‘normal’ (as normal as you can on a pair of crutches anyway. Looking forward to being off them and being able to do the little things – like bringing a cup of coffee back to my desk – again.) I’ve had some time to ponder what’s going to be next on the agenda.

I’ve been finding I’ve missed having that clear and singleminded focus on what I want to achieve. It’s strangely addictive. My morning routine, although I couldn’t do all of it after the leg incident, is another thing I feel lost without. I’ve made the decision that there are a couple of things I’m going to incorporate into my regular routine on a permanent basis. They are:

  1. Morning Manifestation routine, including 20m exercise and 20m meditation
  2. Guided meditation daily (also came as part of the Manifestation course above)
  3. Brainwave entrainment tracks as I drop to sleep. These have made such an incredible difference to how well I sleep, and how well I function when I don’t get enough, I’m not giving them up!
  4. This wasn’t part of the trial, but I’m going to do a monthly review of my goals. The lesson from how I got thrown by getting the transfer offer was a big part of deciding on this.

I also had some major personal realisations over the past few weeks. The biggest one being

that the stuff I’ve gone through with work fits perfectly with the work I’ve done previously on re-training myself out of the victim mentality on a personal level – it’s just in a different area of my life now. It’s starting to look as though this might just be the overall theme of what I’m here to learn this time around, which I find fascinating.

So, now I’ve learnt to re-empower myself with relationships, I’m in the process of learning to empower myself with employment. I’m also finding that I relate much better to people who are self-employed, and have been for a while, than with other 9 to 5 people. Not sure if that’s part of it, but it’s a definite shift in my headspace, and I feel like I’m in transition to ultimately leave the paid workforce.

Next step in that transition was to work out exactly where the bar was, or what I would need to achieve before I make that jump. I’ve set it at $331,500. That would clear all my mortgage & debts, allow me the renovations needed and put a year’s salary in the bank.

Interestingly, just after I worked that figure out, I came across another mind power program that talks about how their studies indicate that luck could well be another biorhythm, and you can take advantage of peak times in the cycle to get lucky. In the advanced levels they even reckon you can learn to influence it. The program covers a whole range of mental skills besides that, from health to remote viewing, and the creator is based down here in Australia, so I bought in. I think this might just be my next “trial” (although it will take a bit more than 30 days, with all the stuff in there…) The program is here if you want to take a look, and they have a free e-course I signed up for as well.

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