Worst 9 times ever to hit ‘publish’

dont-publishBlogging is a very personal medium.  You share yourself with anyone who comes along.  So, being yourself is important.  Keeping everyone in the loop and updating regularly is important.  But what you DON’T see much blogging advice on is the times when you should – at all costs – refrain from hitting that ‘publish’ button.

Save it as a draft and come back later – at least a day later – if:

  1. You’ve just come back from a seriously alcohol-fuelled Christmas/Birthday/Bucks Party and made your way to the computer chair because you couldn’t stand up anymore
  2. Your significant other has just left you and you’ve vented about how ungrateful and [insert adjective here] he/she is
  3. You’ve just started a new medication that you forgot about when you poured yourself that whisky/bourbon/wine
  4. Someone just pranked you and for two minutes you really, really believed you’d won the lottery
  5. You just found out your parents in law had a house fire and are moving in for 10 months
  6. You discovered a waitress has slammed you as a lousy tipper online (or the recent Australian version – a cricketer has slagged you and your family in a radio interview!)
  7. The job ads are posting a position that sounds just like yours…and it’s at your company too.  Hang on a second!!!
  8. You haven’t slept in over 36 hours
  9. You’re a reporter on ‘Drop the Dead Donkey’ and have just reported on a coca leaf haul

So now it’s your turn.  What ones did I miss?

Oh, and if you have happened to post under regrettable circumstances, and post the link here (there’s a train-wreck voyeur in all of us, after all) I’ll send you a prize!

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