Why doesn’t anyone see the bigger picture?

by Crystal on January 27, 2008

Reading through the paper yesterday, I came across yet another ad for the government’s ‘environmental’ approach. Australia’s been suffering drought for years now, so water is a big issue and was huge in the lead up to the last elections. What’s the solution proposed? Everybody seems to love it but me, but the response to critically low levels in our dams is to give people a rebate to install water tanks in their own homes.

Um, excuse me, but this seems to be a bit short sighted. There’s not enough water in circulation, so we’re going to throw money at millions of people to take yet more OUT of the natural recirculation process??? I guess that means that if you have a problem with not having enough money, you need to open more bank accounts. Or, in the absence of food to live on, you buy another fridge. Why, oh why, don’t these policy makers ever look at the REAL issues and try to keep the bigger picture in mind???

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