Where Your True Power Hides

iStock_000006913373XSmallAfter my brief brush with authority last month, filling in for my supervisor at work, I’ve realised that power doesn’t come from what you do, or what job title you hold.  Power is an attitude.

Supervising looks a lot easier from the outside.  If you think about managing your workload and your time, you have one set of balls to juggle, and you know which ones are going to land in your hand next.  When you’re managing a team, though, all of a sudden there are several balls being juggled, and you need to make sure that they’re all on track to land where they need, when they need, even when you’re not the one throwing them.  Then on top of that you need to manage not just the tasks themselves, but the different personalities of the people you’re working with, and adapt yourself to fit with how they work best.  I felt for a while like I was having to grow a whole new set of neurons – it really was a quantum shift in perspective.  Not nearly as easy as it looks.

The biggest realisation I had was that no matter what job title I held, the authority didn’t come with it.  That had to be given by the people concerned.  I had to earn it.  Ironically, while I was running around trying to make sure everything I was responsible for was being done, I was coming across as NOT having any power.  It was only after I handed over responsibility and authority along with those tasks, that I was given any back.  Of course, the catch 22 was that I had to believe in myself and my authority before I could feel confident enough to do that.

Again and again, the lesson keeps coming up for me.  No matter how hard you look to the world outside to meet your needs, they only ever get met when you meet them yourself, first.  More than that, everything you work so hard to achieve, already lies within you in seed form.  It doesn’t need finding, it needs nourishing.

This month, I’m exploring and working to develop that inner power.  I’m calling it “Self Mastery September”.  You’re invited along.

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