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by Crystal N on October 21, 2007

Wow. Where did that 2 months go?? Not long after the last post I ended up at the end of my tether with insomnia, since being away from home between 5.45 am and 7.30pm doesn’t tend to leave a lot of room to get in a full night once you take dinner and ‘getting ready for work’ time out of it – even more so if you’re tossing and turning over what’s happening to you at work. The good news is, I’m now temporarily relocated closer to home, and there are a few options in the pipeline that might resolve the situation. I guess, though, that in a way I’ve managed to achieve one of the goals and stop commuting already!!! (hmm, this stuff’s surprisingly effective even if I wouldn’t have chosen the method, personally! Nowhere near replacing my income yet, but maybe my my next posted goal should be “win a million dollars and retire happily”? [grin] )

The reason for my post today, though, is that today is actually a year to the day from when I lost my mum. Hard to believe, I know. I have no idea where the time went (but then again work was taking huge chunks of it, which might explain it…) I had a conversation with my sister about whether I’d put a notice in the paper, but to be perfectly honest it just didn’t feel right. One of our last conversations before she really went downhill was about her wish to be remembered and celebrated for her life, instead of for everyone she loved to feel down about her death. Not an easy shift to make, but I’m working on it.

In that vein, I’ve decided that instead of marking the day of her passing, I intend to celebrate her memory on her birthday – I have lots of happy memories of sharing that day with her, so it feels much better. I also want to do something REALLY special for it. I’m canvassing ideas right now, no idea too big or too small… I’ve set up a website at http://www.inhermemory.com and a poll question at http://inhermemory.com/poll (obviously). If you can spare two seconds I’d appreciate your input. Check it out!


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