Week 8 Halfway to the Nexus!

by Crystal on May 15, 2013

This entry is part 8 of 8 in the series 2013 transformation

Still watching my health, but this week I finally made the milestone half way to my first goal – the Nexus 10 tablet!!!  

You’ll also notice some changes on the site, since the theme I was using was having Week8problems with the latest version of WordPress. I upgraded to the newer version, but I haven’t had a chance to add back all the customisations I had.  I won’t get to it this weekend, either, so since I know there won’t be time I can do it all at once, I’m going to try for doing it bit by bit over the next week.  

Now I’ve been at this a while, I’ve shortened the table below to only the last few weeks – and this week I’ve finally got up 3 weeks running of losing weight!!! You’ll see from the table above that I hit a couple of records this week, too. Highest step count, longest ‘Moderate Activity’ (some of which felt amazingly vigorous, but not according to the bodylink!), most amount of calories burnt (over BMR) and highest liquid intake as well. All on the one day, so I’m pretty pleased with that. It’s another example of how tracking helps with motivation and pushing myself further each week.

Week 8: 144.9kg – down 2.4kg -5.3lb
Week 7: 147.3kg – down 0.7kg -1.5lb
Week 6: 148.0kg – down 1.5kg -3.3lb
Week 5: 149.5kg – up 0.6kg +1.3lb
Starting weight was 150.9kg 332.7lb

Total loss since 18 March is up to 6kg (12.2lb), but most importantly, I’ve cracked the 145kg barrier! Woo Hoo!

I also made a bit of a breakthrough this week.  I’m finding now that I’m developing a sense of how much is enough – around about the 1600-1700 calorie mark I start getting a sense that I should start watching it so I leave enough for dinner, and you can see the results in terms of calorie intake. This became especially noticeable when I had a day where I was on mostly raw in the morning, and by afternoon I really felt like something hot, and had a calorie count that was ridiculously low, so I went into the Indian takeaway and got myself a couple of pakoras and a samosa.  I only ordered 2, rather than the 3 they had a price deal on, since I thought that would about do it. It did, and it put me within 50 cal of my 1880 calorie target. I’ve never looked those up, so it’s an internal sense, rather than learnt knowledge, and I’m absolutely stoked. NOW I’m feeling like the lifestyle changes are permanent and there’s no going back.

The weather got a bit colder, so the morning commute has been fun to get up for, especially with some of the stuff going on at work. You can see I’ve still not been getting a lot of sleep, but that’s more been from restlessness because of stress rather than lack of time, so I’ll have to work on putting a bit more relaxation in this week. The worst stress isn’t from the work, but from a particular situation going on there that I just can’t see my way out of, unfortunately. As with last weekend, I let the hydration drop a bit, but I did have the extra glass of water on coming home most days and that’s helped. I’m also doing exercise before bed most nights, and finding myself wanting to move more, which is another good sign.

Once again, I kept my net calories under the 1880 target except for one day, although I alternated high and low on the total calorie and that seems to have really helped – I’m really happy with this week’s result.  Every average was improved except for having a bit more sugar and fat, but not much, so I’m not going to stress about that.

So, experiments to try over the coming weeks:  My major issues right now are sleep and stress, and they’re related because on the day I came home and went to bed really early to catch up, I still found myself restless, waking through the night, and not getting enough REM or Deep sleep. So, this week, I’m focusing on R&R and taking time out – and putting a few strategies in place that will help, medium term. It means a few more nights of not enough sleep, but I’ll wear that to get to the solution.

Hopefully not too long until I can order that Nexus!

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