Week 7 Finally Heading South Again

This entry is part 7 of 8 in the series 2013 transformation

Yet again I got swamped at work and let it dominate my time, so sorry this week’s update is late.  I’m still swamped, but I’m learning to occasionally put my own goals on the list, at least.    I came down sick this last week, and spent most of 4 days pretty much going between bedroom, bathroom and doctors. I’m still coughing, but the worst is over.  This always seems to happen after a run of being left to fly solo with no support, and workload levels elevated way beyond what I can achieve (but I still kill myself trying), and of course the weather turning towards winter didn’t help.  Neither did coming back in before I was fully recovered, because I knew how much was waiting on me, only to discover I couldn’t even get to that because another major job got priority.  And then another one.  I’m going to have to be super-careful with my health for the next few weeks, I think.

Total loss since 18 March is back up to 3.6kg (7.9lb).  (Getting closer to that Nexus 10!)

Week 7: 147.3kg – down 0.7kg  -1.5lb
Week 6: 148.0kg – down 1.5kg  -3.3lb
Week 5: 149.5kg – up 0.6kg  +1.3lb
Week 4: 148.9kg – up 0.7kg  +1.5lb
Week 3: 148.2kg – up 2.4kg  +5.3lb
Week 2: 145.8kg – down 1.5kg  -3.3lb
Week 1: 147.3k – down 3.6kg  -7.9lb
Starting weight was 150.9kg 332.7lb

Week7 The meditation didn’t really happen at all this week, although I did spend time on the train relaxing as much as possible (and I re-read one of my favourite authors for de-stressing as well.  Mercedes Lackey).  The glass of water on rising continues most days, except on weekends I’m not so good on that.  This coming week I’m going to refill it and have one on arriving home as well, I think, to get the hydration levels up a bit higher.   The exercise has kept going up, thanks to being able to SEE it via the bodylink.  It’s a real motivation help and has definitely paid for itself in terms of lifestyle change. 

You can see that on average, I kept my net calories under the 1880 target, except for one day, which I’m quite happy with.  I’ve figured out that while exercise results show up quite quickly, the diet takes 2-3 days to affect the weight, which ties in with what they say about how long it takes to go through the system.  So, the days I eat a bit more, now, I know in 2 days time I need to really amp up the exercise to counter it.  Carbs went up from 224 to 303, Sugars went up, but Protein was down slightly, and fats went down from 96.7 to 76.6.  To offset that, though, my exercise has increased from an average of 515.6 calories above base metabolic rate to 559.6.  Like I said, I credit the Bodylink with a lot of that.

The sleep is improving, partly because I am having more raw and healthy food, partly because I now exercise before bed as well (mostly to get the step count up to the next major level) but also I think because I’ve taken to making sure I finish up eating with a meal as soon as I get home, around 5 or 5:30, and then don’t touch anything but water until I go to bed.  I read something about an ‘8 hour diet’ where you have your food intake over only 8 hours, and that was my prompt, but it could be as simple as the old advice to stop eating 3 hours before bed.  Since bed is around 8:30-9pm, I’m now doing that, and it seems to be paying off.

So, experiments to try over the coming weeks:  Hopefully next week I’ll be able to start tracking raw percentage, which should also help me stay higher raw through this winter – I’ve generally gotten better at making it further and further into the winter on raw over the last few years, this year might be the one when I finally make it all the way through.  This week I’ll also push the hydration levels up again with the glass of water on getting home.  Finally, since work stress is an issue right now, I’m going to try to go back to doing the meditation.

It feels like, step by step, I’m ‘getting it’ and learning what works for me, as well as getting much more conscious of what I’ve been doing wrong.  Both are really good indicators for making this a permanent, long term change.


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