Week 6 Transformation Progress

by Crystal on April 29, 2013

This entry is part 6 of 8 in the series 2013 transformation

sleep_thumb.jpgThe sleep still hasn’t been working, but wearing the Bodylink is (the picture is wishful thinking).  I set 3 new personal best records this week, for ‘moderate activity’ (which apparently includes going flat out on the exercise bike, I couldn’t kick it over to vigorous no matter how hard I tried).  I got a record with 1hr 23m, then beat it again the next day.  My step count finally kicked over the 10k and that was, of course, a record too.  

Total loss since 18 March is 2.9kg (6.4lb)

Week 6: 148.0kg – down 1.5kg  -3.3lb
Week 5: 149.5kg – up 0.6kg  +1.3lb
Week 4: 148.9kg – up 0.7kg  +1.5lb
Week 3: 148.2kg – up 2.4kg  +5.3lb
Week 2: 145.8kg – down 1.5kg  -3.3lb
Week 1: 147.3k – down 3.6kg  -7.9lb
Starting weight was 150.9kg 332.7lb


Week 5 Mon 22 Tue 23 Wed 24 Thu 25 Fri 26 Sat 27 Sun 28
Sleep score 67 58 60 84 60 (nw) 56
Calories 1086 2122 2948 2321 1483 2588 2129
Exercise 448 901 873 47 413 372 555
Net 638 1221 2075 2274 1070 2216 1574
Moderate Activity 0:38 1:23 1:26 0:01 0:42 0:14 0:34
Steps 4712 1221 10460 1786 5499 3636 4067
Hydration 150ml 700ml 700ml 600ml 1Litre 1.1L 1.1L

The meditation didn’t really happen except a couple of nights, since as you can see, I still wasn’t getting a lot of sleep.  I was making sure I drank a 600ml glass of water as soon as I got up on most days, though, which improved over the week as I tracked it and realised how little I was drinking.  Also from looking back at the stats, having a couple of days where I dipped my calories really low seems to have helped as well.

On average, I decreased both carbs (down from an average of 274 to 224) and sugar (average down from 134.6 to 113.1) this week, protein went up from an average of 50.9 to 57.9, but interestingly, increasing my fat from 79 to 96.7 doesn’t seem to have held me back – maybe because it was highest on Saturday so it might not have ‘hit’ yet.  Calories went up from averaging 1973 to 2096, which argues that part of my problem might be that my system is in that ‘starvation mode’.  After all, it’s been subjected to diets since age 7, so it would probably be unusual if it wasn’t.

There was one thing particularly noticeable, since sleep is becoming a focus with how difficult it’s been to get enough lately.  The days I had more fresh (raw) food I definitely slept better.  Not in terms of the sleep score, but in terms of feeling functional on waking at least.  Breaking it down, I got more deep sleep and, to a lesser extent, REM sleep those nights.  Those are the things that affect me most when I don’t get enough of them, and my ideal seems to be about 2 hrs of deep.  The REM tends to run parallel with the deep sleep – they’re remarkably similar, usually.

So, experiments to try over the coming weeks:  It might be next week before I work out the best way to do it, but I’ll also start tracking a raw percentage and test the impact that has on both sleep score, composition and weight loss.  This week I’ll see if continuing the alternating up/down pattern of calorie intake keeps working, and I’m going to aim to push the average water up to 1.5L a day.   I hope to break at least another one personal best this week, too, on the exercise front.

All in all, I’m happy it’s going down again.  But it can’t hit 140 fast enough for me.  I want my Google Nexus Tablet!!!


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