Week 3 Update

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Total loss since 18 March is 2.7kg (5.9lb)
Week 3: 148.2kg, up 2.4kg (5.3lb)
Week 2: 145.8kg, down 1.5kg (3.3lb)
Week 1: 147.3kg, down 3.6kg (7.9lb)
Starting weight was 150.9kg.

I can’t have been the only one facing the Easter Egg challenge this week?  Quite a lesson in managing temptation, I have to say.  Generally once I started I found myself struggling to stop, although I was usually fine up until that stage, not particularly feeling hungry or craving.  So, sugar seems to be fatal for a diet for more reasons than just the calories… at least in my case.  I should mention, I don’t get the same issue to nearly this extent with dark chocolate, especially the 85% stuff, which is why I’m blaming the sugar and not the chocolate.  By the end of the week, I was more than ready to be done with it for another year.  Although I couldn’t quite bring myself to throw out the eggs that were left (legacy of how I was raised) I was relieved to see the last of them.  Even if it wasn’t til the END of the week, after they’d blown out my calories just about every day.

I also got my Bodymedia Link delivered part way through the week, which is the point where my exercise count skyrocketed.  Leaving it on all day means I don’t have to work out what parts of my ‘incidental’ exercise should go on over and above the normal metabolic rate.  Since the program also tracks my step count and time doing both moderate and vigorous exercise, I can count those.  Interestingly to me, even pushing on my bike routine at the maximum rate I still didn’t tip it over to the ‘vigorous’ – the only thing that counted was when I was racing for the bus after sleeping in!  Anyway, that’s where the measures change and the new rows went in.  Oh yes, and the ‘medium’ armband it shipped with was a bit like a tourniquet, considering the size of my arms, so I managed to get a new ‘large’ band sent out and it arrived within 2 days so I was good for the weekend.  If you’re like me, and thinking of getting one of these, make sure you get yourself the large size armband at the same time.

Day Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Target
Sleep score 73 62 60 73 90 16 85 >70
Calories 2340 2282 2951 1719 3375 1880 2237 1920
Exercise 0 570 256 3069* 3212* 2969* 2914* >1
Net 2340 1712 2695 -1350* +159* -1090* -680* <1920/-750*
Moderate Activity 42m 40m 13m 10m 30m
Steps 6508 5117 2292 2873 8000

Having the food prepped definitely helps.  Monday being a day off for Easter, the meals were great (although the sugar problems blew things out).  The melon mono meal I had scheduled for Tuesday morning didn’t get pulled out until after 9am, although I made sure I had a protein shake before I left to go back to work after my lovely long weekend.  I also chose to sleep in a bit, and catch the later bus at 6am.  Unfortunately, not so for the rest of the week, and I discovered that the boss is off again for 2 weeks from next week, so it’s another run of early starts for me… while we’re heading into winter.  Then as we moved into the downhill part of the week, I realised the Easter timing had been really bad for more than one reason.  I started ‘retaining fluid’ and on day 1 jumped straight up to 150.2kg again.  The day after I was still 150.1.  So, early starts, Easter leftovers, cramps etc meant I ended up racing off in the morning without prepped meals a couple of days, which also didn’t help.

Despite all that, I managed to get it back to 148.2kg in time for the week’s weigh in.  I’m keeping fingers crossed that I’ll see the usual afterwards drop next week, but with chocolate having featured as it did this week, I’m not holding my breath for it.

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