Week 2, Day 2 (sounds like a robot from STAR WARS, right?)

by Crystal N on December 10, 2005

Hey there again. Managed to finish off the pantry this morning when I first got up (no idea where I’m going to fit it all in the bin, and even found a packet sauce mix with an even EARLIER expiry in March 1998 – how bad is that! Still, shows I don’t make sauces very often, right?). For the rest of the day every time I walked past it I just HAD to open the doors and grin at how great it looked. Feel like I’ve done a major accomplishment there…

I also finally got around to making up a 1 page sheet for the fridge with details of all the challenges, and boxes to cross them off as I do them. Since there’s a lot of doing things so many times per week, it’ll save me having to keep track in my head. (Does anybody else want a copy? If you do, post a reply and if I get enough answers I’ll set it up for download somewhere on my site…) Now that I have the boxes there to tick off, I also got more of it done today – was intending to do crunches and give myself a break from the bike, but not only did I do both, but went beyond the 6 glasses of water to the 8 I’m aiming for long term! Really cool effect… Tonight’s bike was only steady state, but I’m faster on it and my heart rate isn’t getting quite so high – in 30 minutes I managed to do 9.7km averaging just under 20 kph. That makes water, crunches, bike and pantry all done today.

Now I’ve just got to get to the rest of the housework that I put off for doing it… 😉


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LeighAnn December 11, 2005 at 5:08 am

I love your blog! I am so proud of you for doing it. I can’t wait to hear “I am going to the spa!”


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