Twas the Month Before Christmas…

‘Twas the month before Christmas,
and all through the stores
Not a single darn fishbank,
could be found anymore

The kids did all want them,
‘Twas the latest they craved
But the shelves were all empty,
behind crowds that I braved

I went hunting and looking, from shop door to door
For my neice and my nephew, who I simply adore

They wanted them badly, so I’d promised to get
What I was unaware would be my biggest challenge yet

I could face mighty dragons, and would gladly, before
Disappointed young faces, make my heart bleak and sore

The Net, it will save me, I thought with relief
but the searches were empty, to my disbelief

I found it on ebay, at retail times three
Went on list at a toystore, begging with bended knee

Meanwhile searching through local, and stores far away
in the hope I could find them, before Christmas Day

The call came this morning, the stock has come in
My quest ends tomorrow, when I finally win!

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  • Sam O'Hanlon December 1, 2008 at 2:01 am

    Twas the month before Christmas and from school Lauren came,
    Tucked in her folder, a letter, with a lovely green frame.
    A toy list for Santa with only one thing,
    A play doh ice cream maker, could he please, please bring.
    I felt the blood drain from my face as I read.
    Oh crap and oh crikey, unpolitely I said.
    I’ve stored all the presents, prepared I was then.
    When out of the blue this disrupted my zen.
    To explain to a child that Santa forgot,
    The one thing she wanted, Explain I could not.
    So off to the toy shops like Crystal I went
    From shop to shop, my feet sore, my poor back was bent.
    No one did have it, not one single shop,
    I’m stuffed I accepted, and went home to mop.
    At home I decided to ring one more store.
    They have some, grab a panadol and run out the door!

    Merry Christmas Crystal. These kids better appreciate us!

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