Top 12 things I learnt from eating Raw Vegan for 30 days

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istock-000002359507xsmall.jpgI’m glad I did it, but now that the 30 days is over I’m definitely enjoying being able to slide a bit from being so good. It’s funny – one of my colleagues at work asked me was I glad to be back to “eating REAL food”. Since when have fresh fruit, vegetables & nuts been fake food, and how on earth did modified, plastic-wrapped, frozen, heated and generally mangled versions of them become “REAL”???

In that spirit, here’s the top 12 things I learnt from my 30 day experiment.

  1. Breakfast on the go doesn’t get any easier or quicker than grabbing some fruit to eat on the way. No preparation or washing up. Just unwrap (peel them) and eat.  I’d suggest having at least 2 pieces, since just 1 leaves you a bit hungry for some reason.  I was having 4 oranges cut into sixths – kept me going most of the morning.  When I dropped down to 1 or 2, the weight loss slowed down and I didn’t feel as great.  I’m back having 4 again, even with the trial finished. LOTS of fibre!
  2. Life is good when you don’t have to worry about competing for space in the office fridge. Or your food being ’accidentally’ eaten. (You’re highly unlikely to have it happen while you’re eating raw!)
  3. Leaving a raw lasagne on the windowsill beside you all morning is a wonderful way to have a nicely warmed lunch
  4. The more fresh, raw food you eat, the more full you feel, and ironically, the smaller you get…
  5. Another quick snack that’s great is a handful of raw nuts in the afternoon. Or they’re great tossed through your salad. They can even make great salad dressings (OJ and macadamias in a blender, then pour it over. Yum.)
  6. Raw food has incredibly intense flavour to it – unless you’re used to spicing everything, in which case it’ll taste bland initially until you get used to it. Once you do, you might find that even salads start tasting too mixed up, and you just want to enjoy one flavour at a time.
  7. Some things just belong together. Tomato and basil, for example. Fresh pesto on cherry tomatoes makes great finger food that even non-raw-ists will enjoy. As with point 6, though, I did enjoy just biting straight into a grape tomato, all by itself. Instant ’rush’ of flavour.)
  8. Avocados are a fantastic base for desserts, funnily enough. And for salad dressings. And for snacks (eg put some on rounds of cucumber & top with a pine nut). In fact, despite being “full of fat”, the more I ate of them the healthier I got. AND my cholesterol went down while I was doing it…
  9. Coconuts and macadamias are both difficult to open, but they both have a ’trick’ to opening them easily.  Find the seam (it’ll run from the top down one side) and tap along it (ok, in the case of the coconut, bash the daylights out of it, and the bigger the hammer the better) until it cracks open. Disclaimer: I now have a macadamia nutcracker, but even that works better since I know to put it in so that dot is at the top and the seam gets all the pressure – it’s always the bit that cracks first. I’ve yet to find a coconut cracker, though. Anyone know where to get one?
  10. Zucchini is the raw vegan equivalent of tofu. It picks up the flavours it’s cooked with, and there’s hundreds of ways you can prepare it. There is no faster ’pasta’ than zucchini through a mandoline (my V slicer) – instantly al-dente. Toss it through some soaked sun-dried tomatoes blended with avocado and add pine-nuts or cashews, and it’s mouth-watering.
  11. Dehydrators appear to be the raw food equivalent of an oven, but they take a long time. In fact, between soaking nuts etc & dehydrating things for ’warm’ dishes or biscuits, breads etc, raw foodism appears to take a lot of advance planning. Going for raw foods in their natural state, though (not trying to mimic cooked dishes, in other words) was fast, fresh, tasted amazing and gave so many health benefits I loved it. I would suggest, though, that late Spring or Summer would be the best time to trial it for yourself…
  12. So much of what we’re drawn to eat is trained into us by advertising etc. By the end of the month, walking through the supermarket I was amazed by how much looked pretty, but didn’t look like ’food’ to me anymore. Especially coming into Easter.

Since eating fruit for breakfast and/or salad for lunch fits perfectly with raw foodism, you might just be closer to eating raw than you think!?! If you’re curious to try it for yourself, why not try just doing those 2 meals raw for a week, and feel how your body responds?

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  • Agapov April 10, 2009 at 4:51 am

    Добавил ваш блог в закладки.

    Google Translate: Add your blog to your bookmarks.

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  • trina April 8, 2009 at 8:18 pm

    That’s great that you enjoyed eating vegan. I started out vegetarian just to see what it was like and because the ethical, economical, and health benefits were so great I morphed on over to vegan. I see you have more articles about your journey – I will take a look. I’m enjoying your site!

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  • Crystal April 9, 2009 at 10:24 am

    Thank you! I do enjoy doing 30 day trials, like Steve Pavlina suggests, so I’ve had fun with them on all kinds of things. The month was amazing, but the main reason I’m eased back to something part veg, part raw is because my boyfriend has a hard enough time coping with my vegetarian food. From what I read, cross-dietary relationships are fairly common, but challenging enough back when I was just veg. Over time, no doubt, I’ll keep trending towards more raw, (I figure he’ll get used to it if I take it slowly) but it’s always lovely to hear from others on the same path…

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