Time out and a funny site (that isn’t meant to be)

by Crystal N on August 18, 2006

Hey there again. After a few days focussing on taking care of myself and studiously avoiding as much as possible anything to do with the dramas at work (not always possible with phone calls flying everywhere as appointments were arranged, paperwork requested etc), I’m starting to feel a bit calmer and more together. It got really bad for a while there. On my worst day I washed my hair three times. No, it wasn’t dirty. I’d finish washing it, then think “have I washed it yet?” and wash it again. It was only after I got out that I realised what I’d done. Talk about mental fugue!! Getting it back again now, though, which is good, because I’m going to need it to work out a long term solution to this mess!!!

Went for a bit of a surf today online. Apparently someone’s starting up some big buzz about an anonymous rich internet jerk (their words) who’s gotten filthy rich on 5 hours a week, and no product. Yeah right. They’ve even got a TV ad and a radio commercial featuring someone snoring!!! I think it was meant to be serious internet marketing, but hope not, because I was laughing myself silly – wonder how much they paid the actor? Check it out and have a giggle yourself

Oh, and if anyone decides to buy it – let me know if it works out for you and you retire next week, or equally if it doesn’t and they end up giving you your money back… especially since they’ve already described him as a scrooge in the promotional stuff!! ;-)


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