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by Crystal on February 10, 2011

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So I’m now into my second week of slowly implementing the Four-Hour Body protocols (Tim Ferriss).  There’s a few things I’m noticing, which are gelling with some of the insights I got while pursuing Raw Vegan (I haven’t yet found a way to do both, so temporarily I’m back to lacto-ovo vegetarian, although not much lacto anymore).

  1. My biggest weight loss results are always the first few days after making a change.  Doesn’t matter what change.  I’ve had that with every other diet I’ve ever done.  In conjunction with reading somewhere else about how people can massively overconsume calories and still end up with comparatively small weight gains, and some of the fascinating case studies in the book, I’m starting to wonder if maybe the biggest consumer of calories is actually homeostasis.  Maybe your body burns more energy keeping itself stable than simply burning energy to keep going.  If this is the case, then making small changes incrementally over time should give me a better result than jumping head first into the program and following it 100%.  I also wonder if that’s behind the success of the “Change One Thing” diet.  In any case, last week’s change was a 4HB protocol type breakfast within 1/2 hr if possible, but definitely 1 hr, of waking.  I think I’m about 80% on that one.  Commuting still gets me (as does the temptation to get 10 more minutes with the snooze button)
  2. There are two things that definitely put the brakes on any form of weight loss progress.  One is insufficient sleep (in my case, less than 7hrs).  The other is insufficient water.  Either one of those and it doesn’t matter how much or how well I ate/exercised the day before and the day before that, the scale WILL climb.  Catch up on whichever I shorted on, and it goes back down.  Weird, I know, but it’s happened way too often to have any doubts about it.
  3. The water side led me to start wondering – maybe the reason the Raw Vegan diet has such amazing effects isn’t entirely because of enzymes.  Maybe it’s at least partially due to consuming more water, by not burning/cooking it out of your food.  Cooking increases caloric density, or concentrates the food, but we don’t drink the equivalent water to what we take out of it.  In fact, most people don’t even get 8 glasses/2 litres a day, which is meant to be the minimum.  If you’re bigger, you’re supposed to get even more.  Our bodies are largely water, although it’s interesting to note that the percentage of water starts out high and decreases with age.  Then you look at what age looks like, and it’s similar to how things shrivel up when they dehydrate.  I wonder how much of our age related degeneration is actually due to our bodies being unable to function because of chronic and sustained lack of water to work with?  We did, after all, emerge from the oceans, and each of us individually developed immersed in fluid for the first 9 months (or however many you got).

I have no conclusions from these, except that I want to get a bit more conscientious about drinking more water next.  I have noticed that when I do, the dry skin patches on knees and elbows get soft again, and my skin feels better.  If it does that for just the one organ of the skin, imagine how it might be helping all the others!  According to the bodyweight calculations, I should be getting about 4.7 litres a day.  I’m going to aim for minimum 2.5 for the next week or two, but target 3.5-4.5, and in conjunction with weekly changes to advance the next step of 4HB, we’ll see how it goes.

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Karen February 25, 2011 at 7:47 am

Hi Crystal,

Your comments about water are interesting. I’m trying to drink 3 litres a day and after some weeks I’m noticing differences when I don’t drink that much. If I don’t drink it I find I’m more likely to want to eat and nibble when I shouldn’t be, especially craving sweet things. When I drink loads of water I don’t have any cravings.
I’m doing the Game On Diet although I’m not following it rigidly. I’ve been using it as a way of change my eating habits rather than doing it as a short term diet. On average I’m losing 1kg a week and I’m happy with that since I think I’ve found a way of eating that I can stick to rather than yo-yo dieting.

I look forward to reading more about how the 4 hour body works for you.



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