Photoblogging my Commute

by Crystal N on July 25, 2008

I’m one of thousands of commuters that travel the Illawarra line to Sydney on a daily basis, and I’ve told a few people that I’m convinced it’s got to be one of, if not THE prettiest commute anywhere. I decided to photoblog it so I could show a few people, and throw down the challenge. There’s more pics coming (it’s over an hour, travelling along the ocean to where the mountains come down & meet it, then heading over – or through – the bushland scenery there. If you reckon your trip to work is as pretty, or maybe even more so, post your reply. Let’s find who’s journey to work is the nicest one in the world!!!

These are the first two photos I’ve uploaded to my flickr stream. I’ve also pasted a version of my descriptions from there. Even though the day was cold, wet and generally what most people thought was miserable, I was so thrilled with this picture I remain convinced it was just plain amazing.

I commute to Sydney fairly early, as you can see, but it’s stunning to watch the sunrise on this trip. This first photo is where I usually get an express…

Number two is what it looks like on a lousy day – still stunning, isn’t it?

Thirroul Railway Station I

Thirroul Railway Station I

Originally uploaded by cnwoods

Thirroul Railway Station II

Originally uploaded by cnwoods

Disclaimer: I am a total amateur with a good digital camera, but nothing like professional equipment. Please don’t expect this to be anything like someone with actual training could produce. I’m also not modifying these photos in any way.

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