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by Crystal on June 28, 2009

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If you’ve ever watched the Matrix, you’ll be familiar with the idea that our limits are imposed by our minds.  They have power because we believe in them.

Recently I was pointed to a video clip on you-tube that demonstrates this in the most incredibly inspiring way.

I love that they point out that his Mum’s done such a great job in never imposing limits on him in the name of “protecting” him – and the results speak for themselves.

Our fears, even if we hold them in the name of love and caring, are one of the key sources of our limitations.

  • If your parents were constantly afraid of you falling, is it possible that the way they treated you might have something to do with your fear of heights?
  • If they loved you so much that they kept you home and closely vetted your friends, can you see a relation to your shyness and fears about social occasions?
  • If they never let you near ovens or heaters in case you burnt yourself, do you find yourself worrying about the chance of a fire even today?
  • Could the tendency to enforce “children should be seen and not heard” – especially when company was around – have something to do with why public speaking is as scary to most people as death?

Limit-free thinking is fearless thinking.  For ourselves, the more risks and challenges we push ourselves to meet, the more we grow and experience, and the richer our lives become.  For others, especially the ones we love, allowing them to make their own mistakes is the hardest (and rarest) form of Love. That’s why I think this mum deserves a medal.  (Although from the smile on her face when she says there’s nothing he can’t do, she already has the best reward you could get…)

What limits have you picked up from the people who love or loved you, that are holding you back?  Can you think of one fearless thing you could do to push through them and free yourself from that particular limit?  Take that step towards living limit-free!

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