The Winds of Change

by Crystal on July 7, 2010

You know that tension you get when you know that there’s change around the corner? You don’t know what, but you know something’s about to get pulled apart, to make room for whatever new thing is waiting in your future. You’re slightly scared, slightly apprehensive, but, if you trust that the Universe is conspiring to make things better, slightly excited too. The ride is about to begin…

I’m in the last bit of the queue before I jump on board my ride, and my stomach is letting me know it. Only fair, I suppose, since I KNOW I won’t have all of it with me when I make it to the other side! Between my 100 day Reality Challenge (on Day 10 now) and the Raw Food Rehab 11 week challenge (starting this weekend) I don’t expect to be the same person in 3 months time – and I’m looking forward to it.

I’ve felt this kind of ‘before the storm’ sensation before, so I know. My life is about to transform. As am I.

On the Raw front, I’ve been transitioning since April. Baby steps, I know, compared to how long and dedicated a journey some people have made, but my latest milestone is a biggie for me. From looking up recipes all over, building a bit of a collection of them and testing the limits of what I can do (especially without a vitamix), I’ve started branching out and coming up with recipes of my own. My favourite chilli lime kale chips are getting a makeover and I’m playing around with a sundried tomato & basil version. Some coconut poppy seed wraps I made came out too thin, and became raw spring rolls. Tonight I was looking at mushrooms, thinking about the texture of them, wondering how I could make a ‘bread’ out of it. The creativity bug has bitten, which tells me I’m finally feeling comfortable in being raw. It’s solid enough in my psyche that I’m putting my individual spin on how I do it. It’s not a big deal on a larger scale, but that feels like a bit of a triumph, to me.

Plus the physical changes are starting to pile up.  My eyes are looking brighter and clearer.  The developing varicose veins on my legs have all but disappeared.  Stretch marks are starting to fade (although they itch like crazy as they do!) and today I put on a top that I haven’t worn in a while, and for the first time in over a year, it didn’t sit tight around my hips, but hung loosely all the way down! My skin is getting clearer and softer and my elbows and knees are nowhere near as dry as they used to be. Anothing little win – yesterday, after a real shocker of a morning at work, I gave in to old habits and donated to the charity chocolate box. It tasted wrong, and what used to be my 3pm rescue treat was just ‘yuck’. I totally let go of any thoughts of ever having them again.

Oh, and a strategy I’ve been testing of deliberately NOT putting exercise on my list, and only allowing myself to tally up what I do out of a sense of joy and the urge to move my body in terms of exercise is paying off. I’m spending time dancing, singing and even had bizarre thoughts of somersaults down the corridor at work! (That was after my raw lunch). Physically not feasible yet, but 11 weeks is a long time, so who knows…

My career is shifting too, and from seeing nothing for months and months on end, suddenly ads for positions closer to home are popping up left right and centre, including one that would be a bit of a dream job.  Of course it could have something to do with it being a new financial year down here, so budgets are starting anew, but I like to think it’s part of a bigger picture and that serendipity that tells me I’m on track.  I even ended up reconnecting to an old boss who got to be a good friend, before we lost touch, talking through what I used to do when I was working for him.  Besides being great to catch up, it helped me clarify in my own mind what I wanted to do moving forward. Change is in the wind there as well.

The ‘killer wave’ of transformation is building…

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Michelle July 21, 2010 at 3:46 am

Hi Crystal,
Wow, what a wonderful post. You say your life is about to transform, but in truth, it already has. You learned what didn’t work. You stopped making the same mistakes. You’re looking forward! When you use your imagination you can count to 11 using only 10 digits. You may be surprised by how time flies.
Just found you on Twitter!


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