The Smell of Roses

by Crystal on September 19, 2009

iStock_000002669644XSmall The pace of today’s world is fast.  People tap their feet waiting 30 seconds for a microwave coffee.  The art of focusing on only one thing is not only passé, but close to extinct.  We read, apply makeup, shave and/or talk while driving to work.  We ‘relax’ and read or watch tv while simultaneously bolting down our evening feed.  The more you can cram into a day, the more successful you feel, and a to-do list with less than several days worth of items on it is so rare you’d probably discover a living dodo bird first.

In all the haste to achieve quantity – also masquerading under the name “high productivity” – we seem to have forgotten about quality.

Taking time out to stop and smell the roses.  Does anyone do that anymore?

When was the last time you walked somewhere and weren’t too busy listening to the thought-stream in your head to notice the flowers, clouds and birdsong around you?  When did you actually live a moment in the now, instead of in the future or the past?

Your time is being stolen from you.  You’re racing towards more moments that will be equally filled with thoughts of what’s to come or what’s gone before.  Meanwhile, where are the moments which make you feel you’re really alive?

They’re hiding under your feet.

Stop running headlong into the future for a second and look down, look around, look up.  Breathe deeply, listen and feel the connection you have to the world.  Let time stop, while you savour the pleasure of just being.  You’re alive. The world is alive. You’re part of the world, and it’s full of roses.

Don’t they smell beautiful?

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