The Secrets of How To Create Goals That Inspire

iStock_000006327624XSmallOne of the keys to attracting the life you want to live is to have your goals written down, and review them regularly.  I’ve tried many methods of doing this, some of which helped me get more done than I would’ve otherwise, but it’s only in the last few weeks that I’ve really learnt how to write a list that sings to my soul.  When I have a few minutes I love pulling it out and savouring the fantastic life it describes.  Funnily enough, the coincidences are coming thick and fast.

Timed or not

A lot of people advocate setting deadlines to manifest things.  I don’t know if this holds true for everybody, but when I’ve used deadlines I’ve usually had something happen that’s made it all but impossible to hit the goal on time.  More recently, as I’ve got better at LoA, I’ve still only found myself achieving things AFTER the dates I’ve set – almost as though the Universe is telling me “you’re getting this despite your deadline, not because of it.”

On the other hand, when I’ve written goals without dates before, they don’t happen nearly often enough.  If I had to sum it up, I’d suggest that dates are useful in manifesting things you don’t have a powerful energy and vibe about, but definitely not needed once you step up to feeling things in the now – which is the ultimate manifestation technique.  If you feel like you already have something, why on earth would you future date it?

The most powerful attraction is feeling you already have something.  You don’t have to worry about ‘letting go’ for the universe to create it, because you’re not tugging on it.  It feels like it’s in your pocket already. Writing them as though the goals you have are here and now, you experience them every time you pull out your list and read it.  You’re not focusing on the difference between where you are and where you want to be, you just let yourself be in that place already.

Present tense is powerful.

Starting Small – NOT

Again this is one of the instructions that always confused me.  If you try out your manifesting wings with little things, the theory is that you’ll boost your belief levels over time and overcome resistance to manifesting bigger things.

But what if you don’t have that disbelief?  What if you don’t need proof?  Is it worth holding yourself back and ‘practising’ on small goals that don’t inspire you and so are much more likely to take a while to manifest?  If you don’t have a strong motivation to create them, they don’t happen fast.  Are you holding up your own progress, then?

When I let go of writing small goals, and trusted that the universe could create an elephant as easily as a mouse, then I was able to write the stuff that I really, truly wanted – the goals that made my heart sing, and a big smile appear involuntarily on my face.  I love pulling out that list and immersing myself in a moment where everything is exactly as I feel it should be, exactly as I choose the life of my own creation.


When you write your list, the things you write down need to be things that don’t contradict the core values of who you are.  This is one of the biggies, and a main reason a lot of goal lists, visualisations etc don’t work.  If you spend your whole day telling everyone how broke you are (yes, even the beggar on the walk to work) then affirming you’re so rich it’s not funny is simply not going to ring true – you contradict it too often.

The secret is, Law of Attraction is NOT just about bringing your dreams and goals to you.  It’s just as much, if not more, about bringing YOU to your goals.

Think about it.  If you don’t have the self confidence to run a company, but you dream of, and somehow manage to land a job doing just that, then one of two things is going to happen: you’ll either end up losing the job, or grow enough to fill those shoes.   It’s exactly the same with being a millionaire (note that word ‘being’).  Your reality has to fit you, to have any chance of staying fixed in place.

Your goal list has to be more than a list of things you want.  It has to be things that you’re willing to grow into.  If you want to achieve them, you have to become the kind of person who would have them.  It’s important that the goals you set are in a direction that you want to go – on every level.  Goals that lie down a path that isn’t true to who you feel you are, and what you feel are your gifts and purpose, just won’t sing to your soul.  You can force them, but chances are as you learn and grow as a person, you’ll grow away from them and they won’t stick, even if you achieve them in the first place.

Do your current goals fit the bill?

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