The Secret to Success in the Third Millennium

iStock_000012123591XSmall Power is easily diffused, especially in modern life with so many distractions and an almost endless supply of obligations to live the ‘perfect’ life.

The irony of having developed knowledge across so many fields that nobody can know them all, means that it’s all too easy to float on the surface of life, giving a focus to nothing in particular.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but there’s a reason that specialists make more money.  Focus narrowed to a tiny area goes a lot deeper than general surface travel over a wider area.  If you think of it as light, which has the greater effect – a light-bulb illuminating a whole room, or a laser beam directed to cut out a cancerous growth?  Of course it’s the tighter focus that has greater power, and effect.  Which service would you pay more for?

There was a time in history when survival meant being able to grasp a whole range of skills, from fire-making to hunting or gathering, cooking to making clothes/furs.  That was a long time ago, though.  These days, survival is more at risk if you don’t have a specialist skill to contribute to society, so you can receive resources (money) in exchange.

Here’s a quick primer in economics.  In the last century, value was generally believed to be determined by 2 things:

  1. The need for the goods/service
  2. The scarcity of the goods/service

So, something very rare that made the difference between life or death was going to have the highest value of all.  Think specialist doctors.

The game has changed, though.  For most things, scarcity isn’t so much an issue any more.  We can shop the world via the internet, and travel overseas for surgery – in fact many do.  Having watched the field of Internet Marketing develop from it’s infancy, and trained with the best names out there, there’s been one single overriding factor that has emerged as the key to success or failure of any offering online.


The most successful online salespeople are the ones who can:

  1. Find and target people who desire their offering, and/or
  2. Build that desire in people they have access to

It’s not different, but more like being the next level up from the need/scarcity model.  If you need something badly, you have a strong desire.  If it’s rare enough, that builds your desire as well.  The worse you want something, the more you’re willing to pay for it, generally.

There are a whole raft of factors that can be tapped to increase how badly your customer wants what you’re offering, but that’s another post for another time.  Here and now, I’ll just leave you with one final thought – one final difference I’ve noticed between the successes and the battlers (like me) online.

Do you control your desires, or do they control you?

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