The Secret Skill that makes Success Inevitable

by Crystal on January 12, 2009

“When Success is the only outcome you’re willing to accept, you can never fail.” – Darren Salkeld

Secrets of the Floating World
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With so much information freely available on the web about how to achieve success, why do so few achieve it?  No doubt the story is familiar to you – maybe a bit too familiar.  You see books and courses everywhere all promising to make the journey easy, giving you step-by-step instructions to guide you along the way.  You buy one, start following it, don’t see results, and move on to the next that promises to teach you the ‘secrets’ that obviously, the last course didn’t have.  But each and every one of them has testimonials galore saying that it worked.  Why?  What’s the difference between your sincere effort, and the ‘easy as pie’ success that all these testimonials describe?  Is it all a tower built on lies?

Yes and No.

The difference between success and failure isn’t what you’re being taught.  You can achieve success with the most unbelievably slap-dash systems – you’ve probably seen it.  Equally, you can fail with the best, most streamlined, systematised process available – no doubt you’ve seen that too.  So it’s not in the system or course.

Is it in the people?  Well, from the range of people giving testimonials, it wouldn’t seem that there’s any particular type that makes it happen more often than the rest.  You’ll see representatives from all races, crossing gender, religions, cultures and belief systems.

What sets the successes apart from the ‘failures’ is nothing inherent, and it’s within everybody’s grasp.  It’s rarely ever mentioned, though.  Probably because there’d be too many internet millionaires with significantly smaller fortunes if everybody knew the secret.  The trick is…


The forums I surf are full of posts by people saying “my site is xxx days/ months/ a year old and it’s still not making large amounts of money – what’s wrong?”  Many of these will decide that they picked the wrong niche/ site/ host and jump across to start on another one they’ve just heard is big.  Imagine running a race and walking across to another track on the stretch just before the finish line,  when it gets a bit hard to push on.  That’s what thousands do online every day.  By being willing to persist with a program – ANY program – you get closer and closer to that finishing line.

Sure some people will jump online and start making big money quickly – but there’s not nearly as many of those as you’d think.  We all learn at our own pace, and whatever that pace is, you need to stick with the course at least long enough to come out the other end and get it.  It’s not a sprint – it’s an endurance race, and competitors are dropping off the course left, right and centre.  Will you be one of them or will you take advantage and go just that little bit further to win a spot on the podium?

Patience can be cultivated.  It’s a combination of self-discipline, persistence and a stubborn-minded refusal to give up.  Here are a few other articles that might help:

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and my favourite book on the topic:

Procrastinate Later! by Dr M Bernard

Have you EVER had a success that didn’t get a bit hard (and tempt you to give up) just before the finish line?  I know I haven’t, and the bigger the win, the harder it was to push through that final hurdle…  What was your biggest win, and how hard did you push yourself to get there?

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Manchild January 17, 2009 at 11:13 am

Hello Crystal,

Outstanding! It’s true! There are no legitimate short-cut to “achieving” success.” It took 10 years to finish writing my first book. For me, failure was not an option then nor is it now.

Thank you for sharing this insightful, enlightening post. Yes, I’m a first-time visitor who’ll be back to support your efforts to make a difference.

Happy New Year!



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