The power of a smile

Isabella SmilesIn line with the latest entries on Mark Joyner’s blog about Kaizen (the equivalent of compound interest for personal growth) I decided today that I was going to have a good time at work.

For a lot of people, that sounds like a contradiction in terms, I know!

It started off with shrugging off that I was still tired from an early start yesterday, and my partner was in a bit of a grumpy mood.  I probably didn’t help by chuckling at it.  Then smiling and chatting with others while I was waiting at the station, and on the train.  Then smiling and nodding to people as I walked down the street.  Before I knew it, I was at work with a big smile – and it didn’t go away!  The more I was smiling at others, the more they smiled back at me, and it just fed on itself like an endless cycle.

I know laughter and yawning is supposed to be contagious, but I didn’t know that good moods could be infectiously viral too!  Especially since I didn’t particularly start off with one.

In review, it was an enormously positive day!  I was more relaxed at work, but somehow got through a surprising amount.  I called someone up who was in the middle of a crisis, and ended up with them laughing so hard they commented that nobody was going to believe the call was work related.  I touched base with friends and spent an evening relaxing with my partner, as well as cooking up a healthy meal that will do me for lunch tomorrow too, before deciding I wanted to share this before I drop off to sleep tonight. 

All in all, this is one of those days that I love having: where I’m going to sleep happy and satisfied that I’ve done everything I could with my day – and looking forward to the next kaizen step tomorrow!

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