Sunday Review 15 Feb 09

by Crystal on February 15, 2009

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Week ending Sunday 15 February 2009

After an amazing week this week, I just had to post a summary. I’m hoping these will become regular.

Current Major 2009 Goal Compete Strategic Project for work/finish qualification
Progress on Major Goal nil this week
Current Monthly Focus Traffic Building to site
Progress on Monthly focus Weekly visits up from 120 last week to 132 this week
Avg daily visits up from 16.58 at end of Jan to 17.52 as at today.
Daily posting on theme topic ended up with longer than expected posts
Forum posting over target.
Article/guest posting not yet complete – focus for next week
3 words to describe this week Frenetic, intense, satisfying
Most memorable moment Fri before Valentines Day – Deep & Meaningful conversation long overdue, he finally accepted me doing a 30 day raw trial next month: woo hoo!
Challenges faced 3am starts slid into 4 and 4.30 starts.  Oops.
Wasn’t eating well, and diet definitely does change energy levels!
Offered an advertising contract, had some deep thinking to do. (See below)
Strategies to implement 30 day raw food trial!  Starting 1 March
Investigate win/win alternatives to standard ads
Next week’s objective Finish free report for email mailing list, create aweber signup form.

Customer SatisfactionLessons/Notes:

This week I came to the realisation that I can’t do it all alone, and if I want to achieve all the things I have on my list then I have to prioritise which ones I HAVE to do myself, which can be delegated, and which can be dropped.  I’ve also learnt that while there are things I could learn to do, sometimes it’s better and more cost effective to call in the experts.  My site redesign is now being put in the hands of someone faster and more skilled than I could hope to become (especially with all the other things I’m trying to do).  While there is going to be extra cost involved, there’s also going to be time savings – I hope to roll those into building the blog and writing more, including articles & guest posts to grow the community here :)

I’m finally learning that it is better to be a specialist than a generalist – at least in some things.  I’ll always love the bigger picture perspective and lateral thinking abilities that a generalist background gives me, but when there’s a specialist task to be done, it makes more sense to bring in the specialists to help.  Fortunately, the internet is a fantastic tool to help me find them.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the first one is just about to say yes and help me out…

Also, on the advertising front, after being offered a sponsor deal I had to do some serious thinking.  In the end I went with what Steve Pavlina calls “The Path with Heart” and chose not to sign up.  I’m going to go further and pull all the other ads off my site.  I don’t care what all the courses say, I want to find a way to make this site support me without having the ads I hate all over it.  The only exception I might consider would be where there’s a special offer or some kind of benefit for you, and it’s a win/win, but ideally I’d love to keep this an ad-free space.

If you have any ideas how I could achieve it, I’d love to hear from you – please use the comments below or send me a private email

  • Sunday Review 15 Feb 09

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