Strange but wonderful side effect…

by Crystal N on December 9, 2005

Hey guys, thought I’d share. I’ve just been clearing out the pantry (I think there’s a time warp in there somewhere – no WAY I still have stuff with expirys in 2001) and it’s weird but the sweat is dripping off me. I’m not particularly exerting myself either, but it’s a funny thing – happened last time I started sorting papers, and when I went through my wardrobe and some old boxes too. I’m starting to suspect that there’s some weird effect that when I offload stuff from my environment, my body decides to get in on the act and throw off a bit as well. Am I going crazy or has anyone else had the same thing??? (“The De-Cluttering Diet”, what do you think?)

I have 3 of 4 shelves done, and my council garbage bin is full now until next pickup on Tuesday am. Am just about refilled the kitchen bin as well, so may have to leave the top shelf…. Looks amazing with all the garbage gone and the healthiest stuff at the front, though! I also managed to get another session of the interval training done this evening on my exercise bike, despite a nasty bruise in an awkward place from slipping off the pedal this morning when I was going to do it.

I’m really looking forward to seeing my results next week now, especially since I’m starting to get the hang of the diet side of things. If only I could get to next Friday without going through the work week in between :) When, oh when, will those darn inefficient lottery people finally get their act together & draw the RIGHT NUMBERS????? They’ve had years and they still haven’t managed to get it right! oh well, suppose I can’t expect efficient service from a government department, after all …

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