Spring and a New Beginning

Our brand new slow-juicer
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Spring is supposed to be warm sunny days, light fresh breezes and lots of people at the beach, right? Especially down here in Australia.

Nuh uh.

The emergency services came out last weekend to patch up part of the roof that had been blown in (they were amazing – it’s a 4 storey building!),  my laundry this morning was not only trying to take off and bring the line with it, I seriously thought the stuff I put up first was likely to be dry before I finished putting everything up, and the sun seems to have migrated somewhere else. We’re supposed to have a wet weekend. Again.

On the bright side, though, I got my Hurom juicer delivered during the week. (I’m very lucky to have an elderly neighbour in my block of flats who accepts deliveries for me then drops them to me after I get home.) Oh boy am I having fun. Just over 2 oranges this morning gave enough OJ for me and my bf – with leftovers for another half glass each. I used to have to do 3 oranges for each glass on the centrifugal one I just retired, and then deal with the wet glop it spat out the back as waste. Having no car of my own and having to source that many oranges used to mean I didn’t juice much, but I think that’s changing – the new juicer has pride of place on my benchtop right now.  The best bit – it’s so quiet that even when I have to leave at 5am I can still run something through to take with me on the go, without worrying about waking up the neighbours in my unit block, like the old one DEFINITELY would’ve done.  Fresh OJ is miles ahead of coffee in the ‘wake me up’ stakes!  Fresh apple juice comes a close second.

And the bf is learning.  When he found out about it, he specifically said he wasn’t going to ask how much!  :p  When I said ‘good’ he replied that meant he would be shocked, right?  Of course, pointing out that he thinks spending $20 on a supplement at the health food store is shocking didn’t help. He just said that meant he definitely would be shocked.  I told him I got a good deal and left it at that.  Hopefully he’ll be fully trained not to even think of asking before I get the Vitamix!!!

Playing around with it the other day I discovered that cucumber, apple, mango and a bit of parsley is absolutely divine. Oh, and I now have almond milk that doesn’t separate!!! Even when I do a bottle of OJ and leave it in the fridge, I come back the next day and it’s barely started to separate, vs the old juice which was splitting within 10 mins of coming out of the juicer.  Loving it!

Anyway, on to other things.  Now that spring is officially (supposedly) here, my work on creating a new beginning is stepping up. I’ve been chasing up job applications left right and centre to get something closer to home, bit by bit doing a cleanup around me, and using as much visualisation as I can fit in.  Doesn’t leave a lot of time for blog posts, sorry, so I will probably continue to be a bit quiet here until I scrape some time back.  Of course my ideal would be to work from home, but unfortunately I’ve been letting other people’s priorities push me to do other things with my time, and neglecting the stuff that would get me there.  Why do we do that?  What makes other people more important than us in our minds?

Of course, I wouldn’t knock back a big lotto win as a fix to my job dilemma, either 😉  Any and all good wishes in that direction are welcome! 😀

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