Sleeping Less, Doing More – Biphasic Sleep Trial

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Like most of us these days, I have too much on my list and not enough day to get through it.  I’ve been trying to get a job closer to home to cut down on the 3hrs + commuting time per day, but so far it’s not happened.  So, I’m going to try something different and raise the bar a bit.

Biphasic sleep.

If you (like me) read Steve Pavlina’s blog, you’ll already know all about it.  I was fascinated when he tried polyphasic sleep, even though there’s absolutely no way I could fit that into my current lifestyle.  Earlier this year, he started on biphasic sleep, which is something I’ve been doing informally when things get too stretched, except I always knew it as “nanna naps”.  I like his name better. 😉

In a nutshell, you have one full sleep cycle of about 4.5 hrs, and one ‘nap’ of about 90m, in every 24hr period.  I’m thinking this could solve a few of the problems I’ve been having.

  • Not having enough time between dinner and going to bed.  I know it’s supposed to be 2 hrs, but I often don’t have enough leeway between getting home and having to hit the sack for an early start again the next day
  • A run of very busy, very early days coming up at work, while one of my colleagues is away and I inherit a few of his jobs.  This means having to leave by 5am, which last time left me a wreck – I came down sick as soon as he came back
  • No time during the week for the basic stuff, like keeping my place tidy enough that I don’t have to spend half of Saturday making it look decent again
  • A work project that pushes my Excel VBA skills beyond where I’ve ever gone before, and no time at work to develop them
  • Wanting to spend time with friends and family on the weekend, but having too many other outstanding jobs to be able to relax and do that
  • Never managing to fit the time in to do the writing etc that I want to, online
  • And of course, like everyone, having too many interests and no time to pursue them

I figure if I have a nap between 6pm and 7:30pm (or somewhere an hour either side of that), I can get up from that, have dinner, pack lunch, get through some VBA, job hunting and ‘internetting’ – and maybe even catch the one or two good shows that are on tv these days, before taking my full cycle from 11:30-4am.  That leaves me enough time in the morning to not only make and have a proper, raw breakfast (I’m doing the Raw Balance initiative again) but probably even fit in some exercise beforehand, and still get away by 5am.

Tonight is the first night.  I’ll be trialling this for at least 14 days, but I’m hoping to track it to day 30 and then decide if it’s right for me to continue.

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