Self Positivity 101 Ebook

Power, self-confidence, poise, and success. You admire them in others, but don’t think well enough of yourself to possess them. You feel as though you’re somehow on the outside looking in at the lucky ones. Self Positivity 101

These days, low self-esteem seems to be more normal than happiness — are you okay with that?

I wasn’t. So I worked hard on fixing it.  I researched, studied, and practiced all kinds of techniques. Ultimately, it became clear why we fall into the negative self-esteem trap, and which combination of recovery methods actually work.

Now, I would like to share these with you.


Because I am angry that so many people fall helpless to something we can all control – negative self-esteem. This is threatening to become THE epidemic of the twenty-first century! Among other things, if our society continues to spiral downhill, I can see a future that includes

  • An ever-widening gap between the haves and have-nots
  • Higher crime rates
  • Critical skill shortages (why spend years training for a good job if you don’t believe you’re good enough to do it, after all?)
  • Less creativity – meaning less progress
  • Increasing rates of depression, and even suicide

Is our society working towards self-destruction? I see no end of messages that put us down, and WAY TOO FEW that make us feel good about ourselves. Just about every ad you see is secretly damaging your belief in your own value. All the magazines and tv shows we fill our time with are sabotaging us without our knowledge or consent. Even the people around us are unknowingly part of the conspiracy – in one study, researchers followed primary school children around for a day – and found that for every two or three positive messages children were given, they got NINETY SEVEN or NINETY EIGHT negative ones. How can that NOT have an impact.

So I wrote about it. Even more, I wrote about how to start fixing it, today.

This is NOT a two hundred odd page book that you’ll never have enough time to read. I’ve distilled it right down to the bare essentials, keeping it as short and sweet and to the point as possible. If you’re pressed for time, it’ll still be quick enough to get through. You can fit this one in while you’re waiting for buses, trains, meetings or even instead of the paper while you’re sitting, er, well…

Here’s a sample of what people are saying about it:

Job well done.
Self-Esteem 101 is a must read for everyone. The ideas you brought out are head and shoulders above the rest. The procedures you present are doable by anyone who wants to take the first step towards self-improvement. Or by anyone who is having trouble succeeding in any part of their life. Your insights are a refreshing change to the way we have been brought up to think. This is the one book I would not mind sharing with anyone I care about.
Tom Robarge
Author and Webmaster

I was most impressed with your chapter “the media trap” I must admit that I have not seen or read any articles like this before. It made so much sense, I can see clearly were my children are coming from when they have to have the latest gizmo that advertised on TV.
The other chapter I found most rewarding is catching “Out the Inner Critic” – this was pure gold, I have never practised any type of meditation but am I now confident and will give it a go.
My next challange is to get my wife to read your book and to take part in the 5 week recovery program.

Thanks again,
Bill, Australia.

My ebook will help you to:

  • Recognize the way your environment has impacted how you feel about yourself
  • Learn the everyday influences that keep feeding your low self-esteem
  • See yourself in an entirely new, and positive light
  • Start building more positive friendships
  • Shut down your inner critic.
  • Build a support network for even better results.

BUT let me warn you – these methods are confronting. They question assumptions we all hold, and never think about. If you are not happy to look inside yourself at the patterns that hold you back from being all you can be, then this is NOT the book for you.

This book will teach you to take charge of your own life, happiness, and destiny by learning not to allow yourself or others to make you feel small, incompetent, or otherwise unworthy. Imagine what it would be like to conquer those negative messages — to say, “I like myself,” and to really mean it.

Don’t waste another moment feeling like you don’t belong — because you do. Let me prove it to you. To learn more about how you can order my book, please click on the order button and start living the life you were meant to lead.

Because you really ARE worth it!

This is the original book from the Self-Positivity site where I started out online.  After losing the site several years ago, I’ve finally won it back, and will be re-launching it later this year.  That’s where proceeds from this book will be going, so while I’m still in pre-launch, it’s available at $10 off for $17, and you’ll get the upcoming revised edition sent to you free.

If you want the book but can’t raise $17, I’m open to accepting volunteer services in trade – just use the contact form and make sure your subject line starts with “CQ volunteer”.