Review: 4 hour chef by Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss has added a new string to his bow with The 4-Hour Chef.  
In fact, that bow must be starting to look a bit like a 12 string guitar by now.  If you followed ‘The 4-Hour Body‘, you’ll be pleased to know that ordering this book will give you an alternative to kettlebells.  Just pick all 671 pages of it up!!! (yes those links send you to Amazon. Not that I’ve ever earnt anything from them, but I can live in hope. Especially since I KNOW they have the cheapest price on this one – they published it!)

As an Aussie, usually when I order a book I have a few weeks wait for it to arrive from the States.  So I placed my order, then went ahead and bought the ebook as well, so I could get a start on it.  I got no further than page 8, which I’ve nicknamed “The Cricket Cycle” than I had to: a) put the book down and grab for a tissue with the tears rolling down my face, I was laughing that hard, followed shortly thereafter by b) calling all my friends and family and read it out to them, to share it.  This despite being a life-long vegetarian!

The content was gripping enough that I was over page 100 in no time, and fascinated – regardless of being in the middle of a full on week.  You know I love learning.  Well, this book is this learning addict’s new addiction.

Then yesterday afternoon the hardcopy arrived, only a week after I ordered it.  (Of course it could just be a strategic benefit of ordering close to christmas, when the poor posties are working from 5am til 10pm every day to keep up)

After the size of the thing, which is even bigger than ‘The 4-Hour Body‘, the first thing that strikes you is the amount of colour.  The sides are colour tabbed to find what you’re looking for FAST – and those tabs are labelled as well, to make it even easier.  Let it fall open and you’re almost guaranteed to see pictures, and lots of them, in full, glossy, amazing colour.  Seriously, if you can find a way to fluff up and avoid actually learning from this book, you’ve probably had to work really hard to do it!

Disclosure time: I’m not all the way through.  Not even close.  In fact I’ve just made the first recipe (second actually, because as a vegetarian recipe 1 was out for me) for my lunch.  Yum.  More than learning recipes, though, the absolute brilliance of this book is that it teaches you to think like a chef.  You don’t ‘cook’.  You prepare, ahead of time.  Then, when you’re ready to eat, you do the final few steps for ‘pickup’.   This is a major lightbulb moment for me.  I don’t have to pre-do a whole heap of cooking on the weekend, and cram it all into the freezer, to be able to eat well during the week, and I’m not limited to eating 3 days of the same dish before it goes off anymore.  I can plan, prep, and then when I get home at night I’m facing, at most, 15 minutes of putting together a fantastic meal, instead of a half hour plus of ‘traditional’ cooking (or raw-ing, as the case may be).  This mindshift is probably going to help me eat more high-raw as well, despite the fact that the book is full of mostly slow carb compliant meat recipes – although there are enough veggie ones I’ll be trying out to make it worthwhile on that account too.

On the learning front, even more value.  The info on Meta Learning has me fascinated, so I’m in the middle of now trying to put together my ‘cheat sheets’ and meta-learning material for playing the flute, which I’ve felt stalled on for a while.  With the information on outliers, though, all of a sudden I have a new direction and I’m working to uncover ‘tricks’ that are helping me to make major progress.  I’m thrilled and excited (yes, obviously I’m still on the first section of the diagram) and it’ll be really interesting to see if I can achieve the level I want in less than a year.

Seriously, though, Tim.  I know J K Rowling did it, but can your books GET any bigger???  Or is it a secret conspiracy to force us all to buy the ebook version just so we can carry it with us!?!

PS If it is, then at least offer us a discount package for buying both together!!!! Please?

PPS Still working on the consolidated site, guys, but if you want to see some of it, still in very rough form, you can check it out at  Thanks 🙂

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