Results already!

Since I did up my little video affirmation movie, I’ve watched it at least twice a day (no biggie, it’s less than 4 mins long), and I’m already starting to get results, believe it or not!

With the stuff on fresh food, after only 2 days I started wanting to stop off on the way home to get fresh veggies and COOK FOR MYSELF. Now anyone that knows me knows that’s not me, usually, and more so after a 14 hour day commuting – if I bother at all it’s a trip to the freezer and a lean cuisine into the microzapper. But two days running I headed for the veg section, took it home, and took the time to cook it up (steamed mushroom and broccoli the first night, in a cheesy sauce, then stuffed capsicum with a chickpea, lentil, parsnip mix, some pine nuts and herb tomato thrown in the second). The only reason I didn’t these last two days was because I did so much on the stuffed capsicum night I only just finished it.

But then walking home tonight I walked past home-art, which used to be CopperArt. They have a sale on, and one of the things I saw walking past was a rectangular tray, lined with pebbles, with 4 holders for tea light candles in it. Much smaller, but uncannily like the picture in my “stylish interiors” entry. I’ll be heading back on the weekend and grabbing it, and I’ll post the pictures.

Looks like this stuff does turbo boost the process – plus it puts a smile on my face every time I watch it. Well worth having got the software, and probably would have been even at twice the price!

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