Rebooting – final summary

This entry is part 5 of 3 in the series 10 Day Juice Reboot

The reboot finished on Wednesday night, and despite a brief stall when I had a run of 5am starts and didn’t get nearly enough sleep (between 4.5 and 6 hrs), as well as not drinking enough water those days (too busy, so never took the time to fill my bottle for the desk), after I finally realised what was stopping it and made arrangements, and guzzled extra water to counteract it, I finally headed a little further downwards just before the 10 days wound up.

As expected, I rebounded a little the day after, when I had food in the system again.  Not as bad as I thought, with 0.7kg, so I figured it might go up a bit further on the second day – after all, we’re supposed to take 48hrs to process stuff.  I did kick off the exercise sessions again, with a morning bash at ‘Just Dance’ on the Wii Fit, and another one in the evening.  Surprise, surprise, day 2 post-reboot I actually went down again. Not by much, only 0.2kg, but still it puts me in reach of hitting my lowest point on the reboot – while still with food in my system!

So, the final details:

Starting weight 143.4kg (316.1lb)
after Day 1 142.8kg (314.8lb)
Felt cold. Very cold. wanted gloves.
Day 2 141.8kg (312.6lb)
Cold/sniffles + cleaning binge. Tired, lethargic in am.
Day 3 140.7kg (310.2lb)
Sniffles cleared – needed high energy for work. Had it.
Day 4 139.7kg (307.9lb)
Energy levels stayed high. Workout a lot easier. Craving specific juices
Day 5 139.3kg (307.3lb)
Good, deep night’s sleep. Feeling really good.
Day 6 138.8kg (306.0lb)
Lowest I’ve been in over a decade! Got so enthusiastic I threw in a heavy exercise session in the evening.
Day 7 139.1kg (306.7lb)
Early start, didn’t quite get 6hrs, was a bit dazed at work. Thirsty thanks to last night’s session.
Day 8 139.2kg (306.9lb)
Only 4.5hrs sleep, so was pretty wrecked. Busy + tired + thirsty.
Day 9 139.4kg (307.3lb)
5.5hrs. So tired I hadn’t even juiced last night. Thirsty, but too busy to fill water bottle. Realised it might be behind weight gain, so guzzled extra water when I got home. Arranged colleague to cover early morning.
Day 10 138.7kg (305.8lb)
Extra sleep & water finally turned things around. Dropped to lowest level yet. Woo hoo!
Total loss 4.7kg  (10.3lb)
Post reboot Day 1 139.4kg (307.3lb)
Expected with food weight back in my system. Did light exercise session in am and pm to counter.
Post reboot Day 2 139.2kg (306.9lb)
Full night’s sleep, finally got bedframe back (was being replaced under warranty). Airbed packed away. Surprised to see another drop this soon.

I have a function coming up on the 2nd March I want to be eating for, but I figure I can fit another 3 day or 5 day in before then, possibly starting Thursday 23.  I’m excited to see if I can get myself down under 135kg this month.

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  • Susanna Dvash February 22, 2012 at 2:42 pm

    Good for you! Losing weight and getting back in shape is never easy. I’m on Day 2 of the 17-day-diet. It’s a restrictive diet, but you *can* eat food. Three of my friends lost 10 pounds or more in 17 days. I’ve read online that other people with different eating habits (fast food, soda, processed food consumers) were able to lose much more.

    Anyway – I’m really hoping that in 17 days I look as good as my friends did! Good luck!

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  • Crystal February 25, 2012 at 1:14 pm

    Best of luck to you too Susanna.
    Of course, dropping the weight is one thing. Looking in the mirror and being able to see something you like is a whole other level. I love your site, and I have to say looking at your photo, you’ve got plenty to smile at when you walk past the mirror.
    Hoping that by the end of 17 days you FEEL as amazing as you look!

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