Rebooting – Day 5 progress

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series 10 Day Juice Reboot

I have to say, I’m LOVING this juice thing!  Check out the picture – that’s the results on my Wii-Fit.  Pick where I started juicing!?  Oh, and those daily drops after day 2 are around the 1kg mark each.  The last one is that tapered off was still nearly half a kilo!

After the cold snap Day and to a lesser extent Day 3, things started coming good.  Very good. You’ve got the run down on Days 1 & 2 in my last post, but this week I’ve had early starts (leave by 5am), am still sleeping on an airbed while I wait for the replacement frame to my bed, and have been drastically busy, but I’m finding myself with a nice energy level despite all that.

Thursday I was so flat out at work that by the end of the day my eyes were sore, crossed and my head pounding.  I had a total break from anything computer on Friday, and they were still red at the end of the day – but at least I got in to the farmers market and grabbed some Kale!  Now I can do the mean green juice properly.

I’m finding myself craving particular juices, so I suspect it’s helping put me back in balance and in touch with where my body is supposed to be.  On the down side, I did have the new juice bottle I got as part of my juicing kit leak all over my backpack, so raced home yesterday to clean and salvage, but damage was minimal (despite it being a bright green juice with spirulina in it) so all ended up well.

Last night I even pulled out the Zumba workout, and managed to make it through a 20m workout without collapsing and feeling half dead like I usually do <grin>.  AFTER doing a full dance session on another program.  Amazing!


Starting weight 143.4kg (316.1lb)
Day 2 142.8kg (314.8lb) felt cold. Very cold. wanted gloves.
Day 3 141.8kg (312.6lb) cold/sniffles + cleaning binge. Tired, lethargic in am.
Day 4 140.7kg (310.2lb) sniffles cleared – needed high energy for work. Had it.
Day 5 139.7kg (307.9lb) energy levels stayed high. Workout a lot easier. Craving specific juices
Day 6 139.3kg (307.3lb) (today) Good, deep night’s sleep. Feeling really good.
Total loss 4.1kg  (8.8lb)

Next Wednesday is the final day, 4 days from now, so I’m hoping to be at least another 2kg down (4.4lb) so that when I have food going through my system again, it won’t push me back over that 140kg mark again.  Hence introducing workouts as of last night.  I’m also planning on having at least 1, maybe 2 meals a day still as juice to keep things going downwards.  My next target is the 135kg mark.  I can’t remember last time I was there.  Would’ve been at least a decade.

Unless something interesting comes up  my next post will be the final summary, but depending on how full on work is this week it may not be ’til the weekend.  Catch you then!

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