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OK so the sleep thing didn’t work out.  I still have hopes of trying it again some day when I’m in a bit more stable situation, work hours wise.  Meanwhile, even if I’m not actually biphasic, I seem to spend more time than not napping in the afternoon because I haven’t been able to get a full night in anyway.

Right now, and for the last few months, work and home have been in an absolute chaotic state of flux.  I’m still trying to get myself working closer to home, but meanwhile I’m juggling 5am starts, FruitBucketan overcommitted schedule, and a few other things.  I’m also working hard on getting past the blockage I seem to have hit in getting in shape.  Forget about plateaux – it’s more like I’ve reached an endless flat plain!

I got a wii-fit for Christmas, and that helped for a bit. Love doing the dancing on it, and it’s good for tracking.  But meanwhile between not enough sleep and falling back on sugar to fix my energy woes, it’s not doing it for me like it used to.

Then I saw a movie called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” on TV, and found an Aussie who’s evangelising the joys of juicing.

I’d promised myself I’d do a juice fast in the new year, but let it slide.  Now, I’ve joined up with a group at this guy’s website ( and kick started it as of yesterday – Monday.  I’ve done 3 days and 5 days before.  This time round I’m aiming for ten, and finally get below that darn plateaux of mine!

So far Day 1 was fine, except for cravings for (of course) potato in some form or another in the evening.  Why is it everyone always craves potato???

Day 2, today, got a bit harder.  I was a wreck when I got up, yawning and wandering around in a daze, so I reset the alarm and went in an hour later. (Probably as much thanks to only getting 3 hrs sleep Sunday night, getting another job application in, as much as the juicing!)  My nose started sniffling and I was COLD.  It wasn’t a warm day, but I was way icier than I should have been – I was tucking my fingers in under my arms to un-chill them.  It’s amazing how much body heat digestion generates, and how much I missed it!  (Packing a warmer jumper and gloves tomorrow).

Tonight, though, a bit of a breakthrough.  I found myself cleaning the kitchen.  It was almost compulsive.  I wanted to clean it all up so I could make my juices anyway, but I realised that I was feeling a need to reflect what was happening to me – as I cleaned up internally, I wanted my outside environment to reflect that.  I even shifted stuff around on the second drainer and scrubbed it down!!!  I made a vegetable juice (V8 style) for dinner and found it was more than satisfying, and I have more of it left in the fridge for tomorrow’s lunch.

I also started planning what I’m going to juice based on what I’m facing.  For example, I have an early start tomorrow, so normally I’d use oranges or orange juice to help wake me up.  I don’t have any left right now, but I know eating an apple works as well.  I also know strawberries have more vitamin C than apples anyway, so I’m going to do a favourite – strawberry and green apple.  Mid morning I’m having watermelon and mint, with a bit of greens thrown in, for hydration and ‘cleansing’. Lunch will be that nice filling V8 juice, because on an early day I’m always ravenous by then.  I’m bringing a coconut in for more hydration in the afternoon and that should get me through til I get back home and to a juicer again.

I’m probably also losing weight from the tons of weight I’m hauling around in liquid!  My backpack weighed heaps this morning, with about 3.5 litres plus a drinking coconut, as well as my normal gear.  I walked down the bus stop leaning forward like it was gale force winds – so I should get nice strong shoulder muscles out of this juice kick.

Between all the things I’m working on right now, I’m not even going to try posting daily on this, but I’ll update you on my progress when I hit the weekend again.

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