REALLY getting a fresh start – all over!

It never rains but it pours, does it? I managed to get through my 2 hour challenge, and finished 2005 at 281.4lb, very close to ten pounds off the 291 I started with. Then the first week saw not only new year, but my birthday (three dinners out for that alone) and more dramas with work, who still haven’t fixed my monitor, after changing it to something small enough to aggravate my eyes and give me constant headaches at the start of NOVEMBER. Seems that even though I declared the problem I’ve got with having had surgery, and being vulnerable to eye strain, they’ve lost all records of it. Plus I was told that the Occupational Health and Safety inspection which happened is going to be ignored until they get the written report from the specialist I need to see. All very well, but I’ve not even received a letter telling me who to see, let alone got an appointment. So over the week of my ‘holidays’ there were calls back and forth to chase it up, and it seems it was sent on December 15. Funnily enough, when they faxed a copy of it through, it was dated 3 January – that day, so unless they got the head guy to sign it again, there’s something a bit funny going on. It arrived in the mail the day after, on the fourth – TWICE. Both dated 3 January.

Fun came as I tried to find an optometrist to do it. I had to organise the appointment myself, and nobody could do it for the set fee they had limited it to, mainly because it wasn’t going to be paid upfront but invoiced for afterwards. None of the computer systems allow this, apparently. The one small one I found told me they couldn’t get me an appointment for a couple of weeks at least. I was getting pretty downhearted and depressed by this stage, and REALLY not looking forward to going back to work.

The day after that, I found an optometrist, and managed to get an appointment for during the day Monday. I rang in to explain the situation to the union rep, who put me on to my supervisor, and it seems that he’s pushed enough buttons from when I told him my situation (unable to see clearly anymore from eyestrain, on prescription painkillers, and possibly not able to come back until it was fixed) and sent him a copy of the OHS report, that it’s getting fixed without that. HOORAYYYY!!!

While getting ready for another birthday dinner that night, which I was now relaxed enough to look forward to (amazing what good news can do), I cleared through the other mail I’d picked up with the form. One of them was from the real estate agent, who send out a newsletter on a fairly regular basis. I opened it in case, only to find that I’ve got until the end of February to find some place else to live. Not enough deposit saved to get my own place yet, so it was looking as though I’d have to rent somewhere, which of course would mean I’d not have long enough up in tenancy to look good to the banks when I finally DID save enough. Boy oh boy, is this new year hitting me with a bang!

After spending a couple of days wishing fervently to win a lottery prize and fix it all, I hit a low point last night. Then it occurred to me, that I was back in my old ‘victim’ mentality from when I was a child, and hoping for something else to come along and ‘rescue’ me from the situation, without my having to do anything. Major lightbulb moment! Once I realised that, I decided that in this case I was going to create my own solution, and my mind has been running a hundred miles an hour since. I did end up gaining for the first time this week, on the program, which I thought was probably because I was falling back into old habits of skipping meals then bingeing late at night, but may have been partially because of the strength training I put into my routine this month – I had finally fit into a size 20 jeans when we went out to dinner that night, and when I started in December I was in a 24, so it might be fairly quickly reversible. At least that’s what I’m hoping…

So, where to from here. Well, first priority is to make sure I get my workouts in, and keep taking care of myself. Life collapsing around me is no excuse! Second priority is to find and negotiate a creative real estate deal that lets me leverage into my own place directly, without having to lose time and money renting in the meantime. I’m working on several ideas there. (Mostly from the Robert Allen stuff I’ve read). Finally, I’m also clearing as much as possible out of my place, and taking as little as I can with me. There’ll be a lot of books (but more put up to ebay in the meantime) but not much furniture, as I plan on selling that to the students due to move in locally around the time I’ll have to shift, and getting myself one of those nice furniture packages that dont’ cost a fortune anymore – it will be so nice to not only have my own place, but have it nicely decorated too!

Can I create it, and can I create it on time? Who knows, but I intend to have a damn good try. Wish me luck, and if you want to contribute anything to my deposit, che ck out my ebay listings ( or just head across to paypal – use the button below or just send to my email: crystal.woods at (@)! Anyone making a gift of $10 or more will get a personal thank you and surprise gift back from me…


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