The Quest

It’s a rat race out there.  Social convention says we go through one institution after another (school, work, retirement homes) and then we opt out.

No thanks!

I’ve got dreams to chase.  I want to walk away from having to have a job while I’m young enough to enjoy the freedom.  I want to explore the world and make my mark on it as early as I can.  I know I have something to offer (you have too, or you wouldn’t be here) and I NEED to offer it.

This is my quest.

Now, for the concrete, measurable, ‘SMART’ type goals that will get me there:

Short term goal:

  • To have delivered enough value to people online that my paypal balance is over $1,000 (US)

Medium term goal:

  • To own my little apartment, and have a kitchen and bathroom that’s younger than I am.  That means renovations.  Target figure: $331,500.

Long term goal:

  • Enough income from what I love doing online that I can support myself doing more of it!  Target figure: $10k/month and $70k in savings.

If you would like to help, either by inviting me to guest-post on your blog, do writing for you or simply offer a donation, feel free to use the contact form or the paypal button below.  If you’re interested to watch, you can subscribe via RSS or email (above right) or follow me on twitter (crystalsquest)

Current status (rounded): 0%  (29 Jan 2009)