Queens Birthday Holiday Monday: Adelaide Part 7

It’s funny how going away over the Queens birthday long weekend doesn’t normally mean a lot of inconvenience.  In some cases, it’s even meant we got better deals than usual.   It’s lucky, really, because you don’t tend to get a lot of choice on when your annivarsary date falls around… Since we’re celebrating when we met (there’s no formal ceremonies or anything have happened since to mark) it wasn’t something we thought about.  Who thinks “hmm, arranging to meet this new guy, but since we might be together for 6 years, I should be careful about what date we get together on!”  – I certainly didn’t.  So, anyway, that’s usually when we go away or do something to celebrate our ‘annivarsary’.

Of course, since 4 of the 7 days had day tours booked, this was one of them.  We were off on a cruise along the Murray.  Or more appropriately, what’s left of it.  Having learnt from the day before, we didn’t even try for the hotel restaurant, but out of interest he asked the receptionist what time Adelaide normally opens on a public holiday.  Her answer was: “It doesn’t.”  I still chuckle.  Oh how right she was!!!  We went one road over and found a different cafe that was open, and tried their breakfast out.  It was VERY filling.  I had a mushroom & spinach omelette that looked as though it had tried to escape from the pan by overflowing it.  HUGE.  He had his meat brekky, whatever it was.  As a veggie, I don’t look too closely anymore.  (Not that I ever did).  Got back to the hotel in plenty of time, and scrambled onboard the shuttle bus with the crutches – except it was a full size bus this time, with very narrow steps.  I got up there.  Eventually.  Crammed myself in next to a window with all four of my legs squashed in and tucked under the seat in front, while he crammed himself in next to me.  You’d think if someone was designing a tourbus, they’d give people enough room to be comfortable, wouldn’t you?  “Nah, lets just squash em all in” seems to have been the design philosophy.  Anyway, at least it made getting back to the hotel room feel like we were spreading out in comfort!  This bus, though, wasn’t actually going to our cruise tour, so we had to do the shuttle shuffle again.  I’d gone in to the terminal, too, just to make sure I was down as vegetarian for the lunch this time.  The lady said she’d call but she thought that since it was a buffet style meal I should be ok.  I came out to find that I was the one holding up the bus this time :/

The bus took us through the Adelaide Hills (we saw yet more wineries on the way.  Come to think of it, we never didn’t see wineries and vineyards… It seems to have come standard) and up to Mannum, where we were shown where lunch would be after we came back.  I wasn’t the only one on crutches, but I was a lot more mobile than the other lady, so it wasn’t as bad for me.  I even managed a steep gangplank – the river level had gone down so much that it was almost a 45 degree angle!  The upper deck was almost alongside the jetty, it might have been easier just to load us on that way, but I guess they had their standard practises.  So, we went down the steep gangplank, turned right, and climbed up a set of shallow draft steps, at the end of which we were almost at the level we’d been before.  The tea room was at the front, so went in there and found a spot to sit and watch the river go by, as they launched off and then served us up some very nice scones and jam with coffee.  It looked very English, decor and all.

to be continued (again)

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