Progress update day 4

4 days straight of crunches & stationary bike – I’m up to 50 mins a day now instead of the 30 I set myself, and getting further each day. I also had a tough day at work this morning, so took an extra long lunch, came home & did another 20 mins, with my evening session still to go (split it into 2 sessions for numb posterior reasons)

I started to suspect it yesterday, but today I know I’m definitely getting further up on the fitball crunches, too – the view’s changed from seeing ceiling to seeing WALL. Have only had one day of not getting my water, either. The trick I started using with having 2 glasses first thing seems to be working, so I’ll stick to that. So far I’ve also resisted the temptation to check the scale as well – looking forward to Friday & learning to look longer term for the weekly perspective. Hard sometimes, isn’t it?

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