Progress Review: January 2009 Analytics

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They say that what can be measured can be improved, so with that and the end goal in mind, this is the first monthly review of exactly how the blog is travelling.  A couple of sections you might like are the most popular posts, the weirdest keywords that people found me through, and the link to guest posts that got published elsewhere last month.

January 2009 Statistics:

No. of Posts: 14
No. of Comments: 12
Posts Stumbled: 1
Posts Dugg: 1
Most popular post (visits): homage to santa claus (stumbled – 68)
followed by (organic popularity): self-discipline-and-success (57)
Most discussed post (comments): time management v task management (5)

Google Analytics
Visits: 514
Unique visitors: 475
Visits/day: 16.58
Pageviews: 912
Avg pageviews: 1.77
Bounce rate: 72.57%
Avg time on site: 1m14s
% new visits: 91.25%
Search Engine traffic: 209.00 (40.66%)
Top keywords/phrases: self discipline is a sure road to success
giving up coffee
internet consciousness
darren salkeld
Referral traffic: 231.00 (44.94%)
Top referrer: (51) (38) (25)
Direct traffic: 74.00 (14.40%)

Weirdest keywords/phrases

  • 1 meter dominos chokolate – (no idea how that links in)
  • crystals developing for how long in days – (too many to count)
  • deviantart dmt being – (can anyone translate this for me?)
  • free test of how cool the person is – (not very at the moment, Australia’s under a heatwave!)
  • tips on how to convince unemployed people to work (most of the ones I know want to – they just can’t get jobs!)
  • why does my body feel clogged up? – (I’m guessing this might have had something to do with Christmas)
  • year 3 quest – (need a translation again)

Traffic Strategies:

February Targets: (still p/t with dayjob)

  1. Traffic >25 visits per day (google)
  2. 20 new posts
  3. 1 guest post
  4. 1 article
  5. 28 forum posts
  6. 28 blog comments

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