Prettiest Commute – finally done!

by Crystal N on August 31, 2008

I finally managed to upload more photos to flickr, and put them all into a set so you could see it as a slideshow. In the process I discovered that flickr will only show the last 200 photos if you’re on a free account. Upload limits and hiding photos. Hmm. Not impressed. Anyway, it’s done now. Pardon the really (REALLY) amateur photography. Hopefully the subject speaks for itself.

PS it is a couple of weeks’ worth of photos, and the commute is over an hour, so the full slideshow is just under 9 minutes to watch if you let it run through automatically.  You can click right & left to scroll through them all faster, and there’s a little bar of preview shots you can jump forward or back with. If you just want to see them all, in thumbnail form, you can head across to see it on flickr directly. They’re in date order, but I’ve tried to include shots of pretty much every section of the trip. Obviously, being such a long commute, you haven’t got all of it, but this should give you a pretty good idea. Most of the shots were from my morning commute up to Sydney for 3 reasons; first, with the sun coming up it looks way nicer; second, coming home there is always LOTS more competition for seats, so it’s harder to get close to a window, and finally in the afternoon heading home the sun was kinda putting purple lines and streaks into my photos because of how where it was sitting. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

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