Post Christmas De-Bloating

by Crystal on January 8, 2009

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Did Christmas fly by as fast for you as it did for me?

Having gone through the traditional stuffing of the Christmas dinner (no, I’m not talking about a turkey, I’m talking about the guests…) it’s probably no coincidence that most of us only one week later start resolving to work it all back off again with our new years resolutions.  Aside from the fact that this time of year is probably the worst time to start a health kick, because it bears little to no resemblance to ‘normal life’ for most of us, there’s an aspect of the Post Christmas bloat that I haven’t seen any body else mention.


Now that we’ve all given into that manic consumerist frenzy and swapped anything/ everything with everybody we know, it’s not just the waistline that’s expanded.  It’s the accumulated stuff that’s … well … stuffed into every corner of our homes.  Where’s the ‘how to’ guide on shrinking that lot away!?

After years of Christmases, it’s probably little wonder that I’ve had days when I thought that the boxes actually owned my place and I was only the convenient mortgage-payer.

So, this year, in lieu of the diets (I’ve run out of ones to try, anyway), I’ve discovered the joys of a de-clutter binge, and I’m afraid I’m addicted.  My first goal for 2009 was to finally organise my study.  After the bf helped me carry the millions of boxes & stuff out into the lounge, I kicked him out for a few days and went nuts.  There are 8 boxes about to go to charity.  That’s what’s left out of over 20.  I’ve unpacked the rest, and I’m loving the clean feeling of my study – open spaces, clear surfaces, clean carpet.  While I’m waiting for the bf to have a chance to take it all down to the charity bin, though, it seems to keep growing the way the clutter used to.  I keep looking around for things to give away!!!

Keep this up, and I’ll be giving Zen Habits some competition, I think…

I’ve got one small pile of things to sort through, and then I’ll be taking my ‘after’ pictures and moving on to the next room.

I’ve gotta say one thing – it’s a lot faster to get rid of this kind of bloating than the other one…

How about you – are you going to be putting your ‘stuff’ on a diet this year too?

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Ching Ya January 10, 2009 at 2:12 pm

I know the feeling. We always get excited, and even starting to plan heap of things as new year starts. As usual, no resolutions for me, but i’ll be working harder towards my goals. It’s a great idea to give out some of the old but usable stuffs for charity, I did that with my clothes either. Prefer to clear some more stuff out of the house, rid the clutter, they say, both in minds, and in the house too. That could be lots of work.. phew..

All the best in new year!


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