Photoblogging Commute Part 2

Oops.  I put together a whole heap of photos for this, and started to upload them to my flickr account, but part way through I got a message saying I’ve reached my monthly bandwidth quota, and it won’t upload anymore.  🙁
So, I’m going to work around it.  Offline, I’ll be pulling them all into a slideshow and uploading it to you-tube instead.  But, it’ll take me a bit longer and won’t be ready til end next weekend at the earliest.  There were about 10 photos made it up to flickr before it shut down, so I’ve dropped some in below, click on any of them and it’ll take you there to check out the rest.  The ones I got in were of the ocean stretch between Thirroul and Helensburgh, but there’s another stretch where you see a bay nestled between mountains coming down to the beach, and then through the bushland looking out over trees that go for miles.  I’ll keep you posted.
 IMG_0435.JPG IMG_0456.JPG

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