January is ‘Personal Development for Smart People’ month

51smk4rkpgl_sl160_1Years ago, I happened on a blog by a guy called Steve Pavlina, and got fascinated.  I’ve been reading it ever since, and it was one of the first things I added to my RSS reader when I discovered the technology.  Last year, he finally got talked into publishing a book.  Needless to say, I was keen as mustard to get hold of a copy.

Normally, I devour books the way some people devour twinkies.  This one, though, was just too heavily laden with ideas to process that way.  Seriously juicy stuff.  I’ve been turning it over for a couple of months now, in between other things, and have finally got to the stage where I’m ready to start implementing.  So, January is hereby declared my “Personal Development for Smart People Month”.

Steve gives away a free chapter on his site – http://www.stevepavlina.com and he’s shared plenty in his blog, so I’m not giving anything away when I tell you that his approach hinges around three main concepts – truth, love and power.  There are four more that round out to the magic number 7, but this is the foundation stuff I’m looking at first. Oh, and if you want to read all the other reviews of it, the picture at the left links straight to the amazon page that has them all.

Well, straight up I found exactly where my problem lies.  Not in truth – I’m so honest I end up shooting myself in the foot more often than not, but I can’t seem to help it and I wouldn’t want to live any other way.  Love isn’t really an issue either.  That’s a big part of the conditioning I got as a young girl, about how to grow up to be a ‘proper’ woman.  Unfortunately, that same conditioning was oriented to deliberately steering me away from anything to do with the third concept: power.  I was taught that it’s unfeminine and unattractive to have any kind of authority or strength, and if I should happen to have it I should take all steps possible to keep anyone from finding out.  Oops.  I blew that one when I entered the class arm-wrestling contest in high school and tied for 2nd, beating most of the boys.  Doing a lot of stuff in the garden and building fences for my oh-so-precious-I-waited-so-long-to-get horse helped with that, but funnily enough I didn’t get a boyfriend after that…  So maybe I took it on board a bit too well!

So, I’m up for a bit of de-conditioning.  Or should that be un-conditioning?  Anyway, I want to get rid of what’s holding me back.  So, now I’m finally finished the really juicy stuff from part 1 of the book, I’m starting the new year by launching into part 2, and specifically the action guide to help me improve that area.

I’m thinking this might combine well with the “30 days of bold actions” I was thinking of late last year.  What do you reckon:  Do the two together at once or save that for another time?

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