Overcoming Your Fears


Travelling to work by train gives me time to fill, and I love using that time to read.  This last week I’ve been reading a book called “How to Love Yourself to Success” from a membership to the Amazing Lifestyle Creation Formula program by David Gikandi (author of A Happy Pocket Full of Money).

I’m getting all kinds of A-ha realisations as I read through it.  I want to share one with you.

I’m reading about what empowers your fears, and the fact that what you fear is always in the future.

  • You don’t fear what’s happening now,
  • It’s impossible to be afraid of things already happened
  • The only things you can fear are future possibilities.

This is a key.

If you want to disarm your fear, a simple technique to do it is to bring it forward in your mind until it’s as though it’s already happened.  It’s no longer in the future, and that disempowers it.  This transforms it from a vague worry about the future, into a here-and-now problem demanding solution.  Once you find, or even start looking, for that solution, your focus is no longer on the fear, but past it to what you’re creating beyond.

Powerful stuff.

I realised, in thinking through the process, that it’s not just timing that empowers our fears.
When we fear something happening, we’re not actually fearing THAT, but the unknown consequences that might happen after it.

There’s another key.

If you take the time to think through the best and worst that could happen if your fear comes to pass, it’s no longer unknown.

You’ll probably find that it’s also no longer scary.

More and more as I read this book I’m coming to understand how powerful your mind is.  It really does create your reality.  While you focus on something you’re afraid of, you’re stuck in fear.  When you shift that focus to what lies beyond it, or to the side of it, even if you’re looking at the worst possible scenario, that fear loses its hold on you, and you’re once again free to take action and choose your course.

Is your mind focused on the reality you want, or stuck dwelling on the reality you want to avoid?

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