On Wings of Unconventionality

At the moment I’m in the middle of a 10 day course that’s got me really thinking.  It’s been quite a few years since I’ve written poetry, but a combination of things just started my mind going about what ‘normal’ was and why it has such a pull on most of us, wanting to fit in.  Then a book I’m reading went into the idea of reality having a form of gravity and I just had to start putting it down in words.  I hope you enjoy.

A poem by Crystal.  Feel free to share.

There’s a weight and gravity
invisibly influencing us all
it’s called ‘the norm’

The pressure to fit in
weighs down on our behaviour
Silently strong-arming us
into anonymous conformists

The bell curve of normality
is up-side-down.
It’s steep to climb
sucking us ever deeper
into the morass of acceptance

It’s never easy
to climb the sides
live by different rules
shed the weight of expectations
fly free on wings of unconventionality
unfettered from the gravity that holds so many bound

True freedom cannot come
without the sacrifice of acceptance
shutting away from the caterpillar norm
to weave the chrysalis that gives you wings.

Who would be normal,
when the choice is there to fly!

© Crystal N Woods, 2 Oct 2008

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