OK, I’m wading into the Brainwave Entrainment trend…

by Crystal N on October 31, 2007

I don’t know about you, but since Stephen Pierce launched his Optimindzation series early this year I’ve been getting all kinds of emails about it, and the rash of products using this is growing.
I finally gave in to my curiosity, and looked into it.

In the process I found one site, Transparent Corp, that had a whole raft of offerings and hours worth of reading on it, some of which was quite good. I’ve also, unfortunately, found any number of overpriced, thrown together software offerings that look like you’d need a physics degree to operate (I won’t link to any of those on principle). Having already bought all kinds of personal development tools, from popup generators to keep my goals in mind, through to subliminal message flashing stuff, I thought the free trial was a good way to cap off the research, and gave it a go.

A couple of very relaxing hours later, I got back online and forked out for the license. (NeuroProgrammer 2 is the program). Using this, instead of having to buy CDs from someone else I can generate my own – even recording my own suggestions onto them or using my own music if I want. The one limit is that I can’t sell them without upgrading to a commercial license (so please don’t ask for copies). I also ran an add-on routine from their member library of extras overnight and got a great night’s sleep, waking up refreshed in less time than normal. To be frank, though, I did my usual trick and went straight for the top of the line software package (still less than $60) but there were a whole heap more tools that I believe all come with trials as well.

So, I jumped back to my old friend squidoo and set up a lens with what I’ve found so far. I’ve always thought the best way to clarify something I’m learning is to try to explain it. I’m keeping up with the research, and intend to make it a top notch resource for finding out about the topic. I’ve listed the range of transparent’s stuff on the squidoo lens for you with a breakdown of what they do and how much they cost (Oh, and please rate me or leave a guestbook entry while you’re there?), as well as a bit of history and of course the Stephen Pierce stuff that started me off.

Fad or not, there’s a long history of practical application and a lot of scientific research behind this idea. None of that, though, means anything compared to using it yourself and discovering what it can do for you. There weren’t many sites that did give trial downloads, so I’m wholeheartedly throwing my support behind this one – if you’ve wondered what the fuss was about and got all the same emails I have, then it’s well worth a look. Transparent Corp

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Bud Hennekes December 24, 2008 at 4:24 am

Brainwave entertainment is a fascinating area of study. I use holosync and love it :D


Crystal December 24, 2008 at 10:04 am

I played with holosync a few years ago (actually, quite a few) but I’m loving the BWE software I got from http://transparencorp.com – that link is to the NeuroProgrammer I bought over a year ago, but they have a new mind studio I’m keen to check out. They also have a huge area of all the research and studies on it that’s worth reading…


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