October is Vegetarian Month

There’s not been a lot of publicity, but something I found online said that this month was ‘Vegetarian Month’, and a few searches seemed to support it.  I have no idea if that’s just in the US or here as well, but in the spirit, here’s a cool infographic I found to share, from OneGreenPlanet.org.

Vegetarian Month Infographic - OneGreenPlanet.org

If you’re curious about where I fit on the poster, I’ve been a Lacto-Ovo all my life (they’d put it as health reasons, but I’ve an intolerance to meat and an allergy to seafood. I spat it out as a baby, apparently), but am gradually transiting towards more raw vegan for weight loss purposes.

PS For Aussies, did you know minties aren’t vegetarian either? Or most marshmallows.

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