Next Internet Millionaire

by Crystal N on June 4, 2007

Wow! I found the most incredible opportunity online, a reality TV show via the net called I’ve spent the last week or so running around trying to get hold of a video camera (am using boyfriend’s digital camera which takes short movies) so I can do my audition video and upload it to You-Tube. I’ve created my account there (CrystalFromOz) and am putting it up tonight.

This would be an absolute dream come true, and it even happens not long after I plan to attend another conference stateside so it wouldn’t even need much coordinating. Now I’m live with it, I plan on going all out in promoting my audition video. There’s only 2 days left for voting, so fingers crossed I can get the numbers to tip me into the top 50 for this round – there aren’t a huge number of auditions up yet so I’m still hoping…

Check out my tape – I’m testing the embedding code below… (first time for everything, right?)

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