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by Crystal N on February 13, 2006

Friday the contracts arrived, and I got asked to drop off the deposit. I rang about the deposit bond I was arranging, but the lady I’d been dealing with was off, and so was her mobile that she’d left in case I rang… Later that afternoon, I got the call back, and we arranged that Monday she’d call me at work so we could go through the bond application, and the solicitor might be able to exchange on the fax confirmation, or at worst the thing would arrive the following day.

This morning, I heard nothing until the solicitor rang, all concerned that I was using a deposit bond instead of paying the deposit. I was sure I’d told them I’d be doing it, because I intend to use the First Home Owners Grant as part of my 5%, but it wasn’t in their notes, so apparently I didn’t. That meant they had to go back to the other solicitor and get the OK for the bond. Wasn’t sure how much that would hold them up, but it got sorted before lunch and I filled out the application for the 10% bond they insisted on, instead of the 5 I thought I’d already negotiated. Oh well. Another $250 odd gone. Money’s running like water at this stage… Not much you can do, because if I raise the money myself I’ll be dipping into credit to cover the amount of the grant, and that’ll end up costing more.

So, with all that organised today, the contracts are probably being exchanged tomorrow, once the bond arrives at the solicitor. Learning heaps about all the things they never mention you should think about. Am also having fun going through magazines for decorating ideas (even though himself thinks I should wait until I’m in there. Heck, I’m having FUN, so why not do it now!?! It’s not as though I’ll be able to do anything about any of them for a few years anyway!)

Next step, once I get the settlement date I’m going to go to the rental tribunal and ask them about ruling on letting me stay where I am until then, so I don’t have to find another place for only 3 or 4 weeks. After 6 years, and having been told (by phone) that I’m being kicked out because I took them to the tribunal when they did wrong by me last time they put the rent up (for new readers, they sent notice to a street address that gets stuff stolen from it regularly, and then didn’t follow up for 6 months until there was a big backlog I suddenly had to pay. The kicker is, all this time they were sending their newsletter to the PO box I’d given them because of the problem) I don’t think I’m asking too much – especially since there’s not anybody else lined up to come in. I’ve been told that if I just don’t hand the keys in, it’ll take 3 weeks for a tribunal hearing which will give me the time I need, but I want to do it above board.

At home, sorting through my stuff with the “Getting things done” method from the book I got, I’m really starting to see daylight. The piles of paper did cover the lounge, I’m down to less than a quarter of that and it should be done entirely and up to date within the week, even with me back at work full time. The packing’s also progressing nicely and I’ve got so many boxes all over the place that it’s a bit of an obstacle course now!!! Hey, maybe I should use that and try to negotiate it at speed for my weight loss…

At work, it looks like someone finally got on my side and has kicked up enough of a fuss that I’m going to get a decent size monitor on a rental basis until the requested one comes through, which they say is March 10. Read, probably at least a couple weeks after that, but I can FINALLY be productive again in the meantime!!! I’m working with a lovely lady who started today, who’ll be a big help on catching things up, and the doctor will be watching over my picking up the PC work again, to make sure I don’t end up back on the painkillers. With my normal work being 100% computer based, it might take a little bit to get back up to it, considering I’ve been straining my eyes struggling to keep working on a too small screen since early November, but I’m just glad I’m going to be able to get back in harness.

Anyway, in a nutshell things are starting to look up, and it’s going to be interesting where things go from here…


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