My background as a vegetarian…

by Crystal N on December 1, 2005

Hi. My name is Crystal and I’ve been a vegetarian since my mum tried to feed me meat baby food and I spat it back out at her. At least that’s what she tells me I did (I could never have been that rude!!! ;-) The rest of my family, though, are decidedly meat-eaters. Having grown up eating “I’ll just have an extra serve of the veggies” – really, who asks a ten year old how they want their diet balanced! – and discovering early that both potato chips and chocolate ARE vegetarian, I’m not the stereotyped skinny, healthy person you see in the magazines. Especially the vegetarian magazines. I have had pimples (some times worse than others, and usually related to how badly I’ve pigged out between skimpy diet meals), I’ve got glasses, and I was up to a size 16 australian by the end of high school. Now, of course, I’d love to fit into a size 16 again!

I tried going to being vegan for a while. Let me tell you, if being vegetarian is bad for your social life (less so now, I admit) being vegan just plain stops you having one. There was a grand total of ONE restaurant in the whole of Sydney I could eat at, and it’s since closed, although having gone back to my plain old vegetarian lifestyle I have no idea if anything else has popped up since. Vegetarians seem to be a lot more accepted these days, and a lot more restaurants are offering stuff that is technically edible. Unfortunately, most of it is either not very diet friendly, not very well balanced nutritionally, or both. I’ve had to learn a lot about nutrition while I struggled with my weight, and I’m still learning, so this blog is my attempt to map out what I do and try and how it works for the rest of you out there.

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